Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things I Love: Book Edition

If you aren't on good reads, join--you can add me as a friend by clicking my widget in the right side-bar. But's what I've been reading lately (and by reading I sometimes mean book on CD in my car while commuting, but I count that).

Kite Runner -- Good, intense, emotionally very intense, but in the end I was glad I read it.

Fablehaven -- Pure fun. I really enjoyed this one. It's fantasy...which I'm not always crazy about, but I liked this one. And I love that it's a series.

Goose Girl -- so many of my friends on good reads LOVED this book (5 stars!). For the first good third of the book I really hated it, the rest of the book kind of redeemed it. But overall I felt the book was predictable and the author took FOREVER to get where I knew things were going. There were some fun suprises and it was unique. So yeah, decent chick lit but not my favorite.

Memory of Earth -- I liked this one. If you are a member of the Mormon church you'll recognize the thick paralells with the Book of Mormon--Lehi & Nephi and family--but if you aren't you'll just enjoy the story and never know (except now you do). It's a series, but I haven't gotten around to the others.

Time Traveler's Wife -- This gets an A+ in concept, so unique, it kept my mind racing---wait, so when did she first meet him, was she 5, wait, but how old was he...and wait when he's in his early 20s she totally knows him and he doesn't know her? What? Crazy. I followed it, but it was a trick and I liked that. It ends sad, but I still liked it. But it gets a D for gratuitous sex. You can skim over it, but it is really prevalent and kind of ruins the book for me. So in the end...I just wish there was such a thing as a ClearPlay for books. If I'd more carefully read some of my friends' reviews on GoodReads first I probably would have avoided it...but I didn't...and I must say it was very interesting. I'm conflicted.

Economic Gangsters -- blogged about it before, but I LOVED it. Read it read it now.

I really enjoyed the Uglies and then the Pretties (pretties was actually even more fun) but I kind of lost interest after that. Someday I'll finish the series.

The Book Thief -- listening to it on CD now. I'm really enjoying it. I especially like the audio because it has the German accent which helps you get into the story even more.

Invasive Procedures -- Not Orson Scott Card's best, but it was good enough. Interesting premise, a little dark though.

So that's what I've been reading...along with a few others that I've started, but not finished. I know a book is bad when the author doesn't pull me through the book, causing me to turn each page excited about all plots and subplots---but rather I find myself skipping ahead and reading only the parts related to the plots I'm most interested in.

I love that I'm back into reading. And I have a business trip coming up--airplanes means I need novels, good ones. So hit me with your best recommendations :)

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Laura said...

Just finished Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson. It is the prequel to the Anne of Green Gables series. Haven't had time to blog about my summer reading yet, but if you like period books, I highly recommend it.

Sarah Flib said...

I wasn't a fan of the Uglies series. Well, I was as in I read them and enjoyed reading them, but I thought the writing was super ditzy. "The Goose Girl," on the other hand, earns top marks from me. I love Shannon Hale's stuff.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I started "Time Traveler's Wife" and because it had so much sex I couldn't read it. It was SUPER hard for me to give up because the story was so fascinating to me, but I just couldn't handle all the detail.

I've wanted to give Kite Runner a try, but my friend Jes said it has a lot of flashbacks to the rape scene - so I'm not sure.

I LOVE the Fablehaven books - I like how you said - just pure fun. :) Have you read them all?

Stephanie said...

I really liked the Goose Girl.
I completely agree with you about The Time Traveler's Wife.
The Book Thief is such a good book. I have to much to say about it to put in a post.

Steve Weller said...

I just love the fact that 3 of these authors (that I know of--there could be more) are LDS. Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, and Orson Scott Card. Good choice.
If you haven't re-read the Chronicles of Narnia in a while, I'd recommend those as well. They're a fast read, and very enjoyable. And, c'mon--it's C.S. Lewis--how can you go wrong?

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