Saturday, June 6, 2009

Things I Love (well at least Like enough to blog about them): It's random Some friends of Joe's started this company. They make these adorable signs. They gave us one that says "Simplify" but I think this Families are Forever one is my favorite.

Chacos ZX2 Sandles: These were on my 'I want' list for over a year. So finally, I bought them. No they weren't on sale---but I'm telling you, I have master googling skills and finding black ZX2s in my size on sale is nearly impossible. Plus I needed to try them on in person. I'm hiking in them for the first time today. I like them, they are Chacos...but girly. They could have been girlier if I'd gotten colored ones, but I wanted something that would match more of my clothes.
Glitter Toes. Last night my mom hosted a Glitter Toes party. This woman used to work at a salon, but now, instead, goes to people's houses and will do all your toes at once. The greatest part: $20 instead of the $30 they charge at the salon she used to work at. And you get to sit around and socialize with your girlfriends. It is so colorful, and sparkly, and girly and lasts over a month. AND, looks great with my Chacos. (Please excuse the terrible photo, our new camera charger has not arrived and this was taken in terrible lighting with Joe's iphone camera. Trust me though, it's cute!)

TJMaxx's kitchen clearance section: pastry blender $2....bamboo mortar & pestle $3....this place is brilliant. And one day I'll start buying more expensive pans there...for now I just gaze at the high end calphalon...I don't have a picture, but pastry blender is pretty standard and the mortar & pestle looks like this, excep instead of a ball it's a regular handle.
I can't belive it's not butter spray
Have I already blogged about this? If not, my sister in law introduced me and it is WONDERFUL. I love it. Adds good butter flavor with zero calories, zero fat, and specifically zero trans fat. Yeah. ZERO. I don't really see it go on sale much (if ever) but coupons do appear sometimes in the paper. It goes a lot further than butter so I don't think it's that big of a deal to pay full price actually.

Acne Free
Embarassing, but true. I am 25 and still have bad acne. Well I shouldn't say still, because this product works amazingly well. I tried Proactiv and it was good. But expensive--the product cost more & I had to pay shipping. This product seems to be stronger and work better than Proactiv. It is time-released so i think it controls shine & oil better during the rest of the day. It pretty much never goes on sale, but $3 off coupons come in my newspaper regularly and, at least near here, Walgreens has the best googling just discovered that I if I get it on auto-deliver it is WAYYYY cheaper on (with free shipping---it's like $3 cheaper than what I pay here, after coupon, $6 cheaper than the regular price). Brilliant. So if you have acne, try it.

Also, at Walgreens they were closing out this version of the same product and it was super cheap. It's a similar product, but is also supposed to reduce redness, so I'll let you know if that works for me.

Oh and if you need spot treatment, this product, by the same company, also works really well.

Somehow, "Things I Love" this week became an acne infomercial. What can I say, anyone who's had bad skin and found a good product knows how hard it can be to find one. So when I find one, I want you all to know. It's wonderful.

Anyway, off to SLC to work on stripping some wood furniture for refinishing (tutorial to come--with bad iphone photos, but hey, I do what I can), maybe some sewing, going to help a friend stuff wedding announcements, and then going for a hike with Joe to the same place we went on our first date (awww....). I'll say it again: I. Love. Saturday.

3 little remarks:

Ali said...

I love product reviews like this. Always nice to have a tried and true tester of a friend :) Keep the random things you love coming!

Julie said...

I LOVE and live in my Chacos. Glad you finally got some. They are some of the greatest and most comfortable shoes ever!

Luthi said...

Steven bought me thpse same chocos for christmas this year and I am a big believer

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