Saturday, June 13, 2009

Things I Love: Speed Friendshipping

My blog stalking adventures took me recently to Ambrosia Girl, where I saw the cutest idea EVER for Relief Society:

Have you ever gone speed dating? My days for potential speed dating are over, which is great, because I'm happily married, but is sad, because I think the concept of spending just a minute or two getting to know someone is great--knowing that you can follow up later with those you really hit it off with. If you aren't familiar with the concept of speed dating, wikipedia has an article.

So Ambrosia Girl had the amazing idea of applying this to getting to know better women at church. How perfect is this? If my RS President is reading I think this would be the greatest encrichment activity ever. Tough this would be particularly helpful for me, being new in the area.

The SPEED factor makes me happy. I don't mind small talk, but isn't small talk even better when you can rattle off quickly the basics that you have said a million times (how many kids you have, if you work, where you work, hometown, summer plans, etc...)? Then the next time you see that person you can move on to more exciting topics.

The speed factor also makes me happy because you rotate around. It's so easy to get in a social rut, talking to the same people over and over for long periods of time (and certainly there is a place for that, how else would deep friendships be made). But I love getting to know new people and this activity could help me get out of my comfort zone and do it.

Anyway, I think you should all try it--in your neighborhoods, at church, whatever. What a great way to meet some new potential friends. I love it.

3 little remarks:

*Liese said...

That truly is a fabulous idea! Especially for clique-ish wards/neighborhoods.

Steve Weller said...

That would be a good idea. How well do we really know people who live so close to us? By the way, you're pretty crafty with all your little projects you do.

A deal stealing mom said...

Anna needing something to help her be social and get out of her comfort zone? I don't think so. :) But it is a good idea- and I always wanted to do the speed dating thing too- obviously not now- but for friendships- it would be fun to try!

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