Saturday, June 13, 2009

Things I Love: Sycamore Street Press

I love Sycamore Street Press. So classy. And these ABC & 123 posters have been calling my name for months now. Have they been calling your name too? Well today, literally today through Monday is the day to buy them because they are having a 35% off sale. Enter GOODBYECOLUMBUS at checkout to get the discount.

Eva and Kirk (the owners) are moving cross country and want to move some inventory (and I don't blame them, the less packing the better). Lucky for us. Here's a collage of some of their beautiful work that I stole from Stephanie's blog.
Stephanie designed the ABC & 123 prints and I'm had the hardest time deciding which color to get them in, seeing as how I currently have no nursery. I'm ended up with the water and tulip since I'm wild about that color combination in general.

Oh and I bought the "Great Job On That Thing You Did - Really Super" card because it makes me smile. Not sure if I'll part with it or frame it for the office.

Seriously, if you've been eyeing their work jump on it now.

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Ellen said...

I saw on Steph's blog about the sale and went RIGHT over and bought the letters and numbers in the chocolate/apple color combo. I do love the water and tulip (I love them all) but felt like the green one was the most versatile. It was a serious struggle though... I love Eva's stuff!

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