Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We saw Up 3D: We laughed, we cried -- trailer below

Yesterday Joe had an appointment reschedule so he got home early (and by early I mean like 8pm, that man works a million hours a week). So we decided to go see a movie and ended up seeing Up in 3D with like a dozen other people in the theatre (Tuesday night movie night is to be recommended).

I have mixed feelings about this movie. The story was amazing, dealt with more complex emotions than usually found in an animated feature, and the images were beautiful, BUT, it made me cry. So...All those balloons---so amazing. A house carried around by balloons and a little old man who's trying to figure out what life is about without his beloved wife, it was really touching. And so I cried, quite a bit actually. But then there were the talking dogs for comic relief---all I have to say is "cone of shame" and you need to see it to understand. So funny.

So go see it, enjoy it, but know that you probably will end up crying, but laughing too.

Oh and by the way, I don't want Joe to die. Ever. Even when we're in our late 70s, 80s or 90s. This movie made me so aware of how much love is built in a marriage over a lifetime--how much more I love Joe now than when we were dating, and how much more I'll love him when we're in our 70s than I do now. Seriously. It was a good movie, but I think it's a one time see for me, I'd rather ponder my old age and life without Joe as little as possible. That being said, I'm really glad I saw it.

(The trailer doesn't show up in the RSS feed, sorry, so if you want to see it, come visit my page for real :)

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A deal stealing mom said...

We just saw Up on Saturday night with some movie tickets we had. We really enjoyed it. It was pretty intense emotionally in some parts, but overall was a great film.

Ali said...

I felt about the same...maybe liking it a little less than you did. But the visual effects were really amazing!

8:00 is early for Joe?? Ouch! I bet that has forced you to be night owls...I try to go to bed early when Evan does at about 9, cause I know I'll be up with him at 5, but it's really hard on the nights Jeff doesn't get home til then- but that is a later night or him- not early!

emily said...

I loved it too--and cried and laughed and thought and clutched at Michael's arm and told him decidedly that I am the one who needs to die first and then he had better hurry up and come after me.

loved it.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I loved it too! I was told by several people I would cry, and I thought "You're crazy.. it's a cartoon!" I cried. Several times as well.. So beautiful.

Meghan said...

We loved it too! I had the same feelings you did. I loved it, but I totally bawled. And, yes it made me so aware of of how much I never want to be apart from my spouse. Cute though!

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