Saturday, June 6, 2009


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No not on the quiet book giveaway, that voting continues through Sunday night (so vote your little hearts out---I mean don't click and vote over and over for the same person, that's no fun....but send your friends to vote. Its fun to see them tallying up.).

But no, this is a different winner. I'm glad I remembered, because I almost forgot about promising a prize to those who gave feedback on the blog (and who left their name so I knew they were leaving feedback). I used to pick a winner...

And the winner is
Brooke!! I'm not sure which Brooke left the comment, I know 2 Brooke's read the blog, so whichever one it was, leave it in the comments so I'll know it was you.

So Brooke, I'm making you a cute apron, it might be a few weeks, but it'll be adorable, kind of retro, and very useful since I know you don't eat out much and cook regularly (even though I'm not sure which Brooke, this actually applies to you both!). :)

Thanks for all the feedback on the blog everyone, if you didn't leave any yet, I'd still love some. You can use the form here.

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