Thursday, July 9, 2009

104 in 104: #63 Throw Joe a Killer 30th Birthday Party

I was not very motivated to blog about from Joe's party because I did not take many pictures. I was too busy trying to make sure things ran smoothly and the all our friends got greeted. (And have I mentioned lately how much I want a SLR and photography lessons. Maybe this Christmas.)

In the end everyone had fun and though I wished we'd had more budget to decorate a bit more everyone had a good time--especially Joe. (lately I'm very fond of color themed birthday parties that I've been seeing on the web---sticking to a single color for invites, decorations, food, and even asking your guests to wear that color---the next party I'm doing this for sure)

We ended up playing Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, and doing Karaoke (a suprising big hit!). We ate cake and other food people brought to snack on. And we visited and the boys played a bit of basketball and in the end I was sad to break up the party, but we had to clean up and get out of the church before it was too late. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Joe felt really special and I was glad to make a big deal out of such a big birthday.

2 little remarks:

Charayne said...

the color could be black and you could do it for his 40th. lol

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Looks like a BLAST!! I totally wish we could have been there :)

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