Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evidence our House is FINALLY Looking Like a Home

Here's one, short, sweet and to the point (and totally sticking to my schedule).

So here it is....evidence our house is turning into a home....

Our house may be looking like an Ikea catalog...but I think I'm okay with that if it means I finally have a coffee table.

The boxes of the expedit bookshelf are looking good thanks to a picture...

And books organized by color....I need more books

baskets across the bottom to hide my clutter
and pretty things like this.

And somehow we lost the lamp shade for this lamp, so I was so so happy when we bought a new one at Target last week. We both like it a lot.
And Joe loves me so he spent a good deal of time hanging up this shelf, to put some pictures on...oh and do you see that, our TV (ghetto, but it works!) is sitting on an actual TV stand instead of a nightstand (that nightstand we found for free by the side of the road is now in our bedroom with a lamp on it. Hallelujah)

Homey isn't it? It's been interesting this past year or two how I've finally found my personal style for my home (somewhere between Pottery Barn and Ikea---Martha Stewart New England with a modern twist). I know so much more not just whether I like something or not, but how it fits in my home.

Now if only I could settle more on my personal fashion.

6 little remarks:

*Liese said...

LOVE it! Good job decorating. :)

emily said...


I can't wait to see your newly-reupholstered CHAIRS!!!

Kaela said...

I like:) A lot. Hey you should check out to see what they say your personal style is. I am a 'sporty minimalist.' They also email you good deals on clothes that fit into your style!

Kellee said...

We have that same rug! I love Ikea!! Where did you get your coffee table and book shelf because I like those too!

Anna said...

Kellee, they are both from ikea too :)

Diane said...

I love your decor! Isn't it fun to make a place feel homey! I want to learn how to reupholster chairs so sometime I would love it if you could teach me! Have fun in VA this week!


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