Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fashion: Such a struggle in my life

I'm not a fashionable person. At all. When I was little my mom bought me these little red shoes at Nordstrom (I'm sure they were very fashionable and she was so proud to have gotten them for me) and I HATED them. I didn't like wearing them. I mean I really hated them. Yeah, not fashion forward at 5. Then when I was a 50s girl for Halloween in like 5th grade she tried to get me to wear a blue sweater with a pink skirt---forget that, blue and pink don't match I said! (I now retract that statement and like pink and blue together). I own hardly any accessories, most of the trends leave me baffled (skinny jeans! seriously only 10% of the population could possibly look good in skinny jeans), I leave for work and let the air conditioner blow dry my hair while I commute---you get the picture.

I. Am not. Fashionable.

Maybe if I were thinner and everything looked cute on me, shopping would be more fun.
Or maybe if I had more money to accessorize I'd like it more (though switching purses constantly is way too much work for me).

But I don't know. I tend to think that I just prefer to think and spend my money on other things and so it would never be a priority.

And so I've decided my solution is to buy and wear mostly plain solid colors that mix and match and work on accessories. Maybe a few fun prints here or there, but I think I just need to keep it simple. And lately, my favorite source for this is Shade Clothing.

The clothes are good quality, simple, and the fabrics feel good. Also they are having a warehouse sale this Friday & Saturday in Pleasant Grove, UT--so if you live nearby you should go. Everything is $10 or less. You might see me there. (864 South 490 West #2) So here are some things I've purchased with them most recently:

This shirt (and yes I own it in this color. LOVE it!)

This cardigan. They only have it left in a small, but the color is beautiful and the price is right so if you are small (I'm jealous) you should buy it. I'm wearing mine right now, love it.

This maternity shirt. I'm not pregnant, but it was on sale and since I was already paying shipping (to get my free camisole) I figured I'd add a few items. I got it in black. Cute right?

And this camisole. Which I got for free from a coupon code (so sorry it expired before I could get one for you all!). It really does fit rather snug, like they say, so if you get one plan a little larger than you normally get. Mine is white. Because who couldn't use more white camisoles?

So there you go. My fashion may be boring, but it seems to suit me. I bought some cute, more bold earings and I think I'd rather be creative with jewelry than with clothes.

Also, here's an organization tip I have adopted and LOVE. When you get a new piece of clothing, you have to get rid of one in your closet. No matter how many purges I do in my closet I always find I'm holding onto things that I "might wear" or "used to wear all the time" or "it'll fit if I lose 5 lbs". I find I'm more willing to part with these if I'm replacing it with something newer and cuter. Try it. It will bless your life and your overstuffed closet will thank you.

4 little remarks:

Meghan said...

I love Shade too! Best shirts ever! And I definitely have a sweater as well - love it!!

Meghan said...

PS - I think I'm going to try the organization thing - that is such a good idea! I do exactly the same thing!

madison said...

Well miss Anna- I couldn't believe this post because you are the person who not only introduced me to Anne Taylor, but also to forty dollar foundation from nordstrom. You cost me lotsa money and you can't fool me. lets do lunch soon. Maybe sack lunches so we can afford to go buy our accesories and shade shirts?

Painty (aka Melinda) said...

I'm all about the simple clothes too. T-shirts are my favorite. I used to always wear boy clothes and I remember feeling awkward one day because I was wearing an outfit almost identical to my shop teacher's. Talk about fashion challenges. :)

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