Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Organize Now -- Book Review

When i was in VA i stayed with my friend Jess at a house she is housesitting for the summer. I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER seen so many stuffed built in bookshelves in one house in all my life. I both had twinges of jealousy and a killer urge to organize their entire house of bookshelves by color (seriously bedrooms had built in bookshelves, hallways had built in bookshelves, offices, family room, living room, hallways!! Oh my word, so many books.

But it was actually in their bathroom that I spotted this book (Organize Now by Jennifer Berry)---a book I continued to peruse during my stay.

And now I feel I must buy it--because I cannot stop thinking about it. One week organize your kitchen counters, the next your bills/paper, next your baby's room, the family room, the closets, entryways. I'm telling you I'm in heaven just thinking about it (and simultaneously giddy and dreading the IKEA bills stacking up).

It's an organization book that has a plan to organize a different area of your house every week. It is practical giving step by step instructions and guidance. It's like having a personal organizer at your beck and call to walk you through getting rid of your clutter and making your home more peaceful and ultimately saving you time. I'm so in love.

Oh and also, it's all of $10.19 on amazon, so either buy it (recommended so you can check things off and take notes --- and lend it to friends when they marvel at the organization of your home) or get it at the library.

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