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Recipes: Carrot Soup and Chicken "Pillows"

I head out of town today for 11 days for work. I might blog some while I am gone, but I am unsure how busy my evenings will be and how often I'll have internet access. I have a few posts written that didn't post when they should have so they'll be coming this week :)

So, it's been a while since I have posted a recipe. Here are a couple that have been very popular around our house.

The first recipe was one I got from a friend in college...and just so happens to be the recipe that I get the most requests for. When I make it, people like it, plus it has a pretty color, is cheap, and it's healthy. Win. Win. Win. So here it goes:

Carrot Soup (I usually double):
1/4 c onions
1 1/4 c carrots
2 T butter
1 c potatoes
2 1/2 c chicken stock
thyme (I can't remember the measurement...say 1/2 tsp?)
dash of cayenne pepper
s & p to taste
1/4 milk or so

I often don't measure exactly on this. I often put in more onions and sometimes a bit more potato too. This recipe as written says it serves 4, but most people eat a big bowl or seconds so you should probably double. It also reheats really well.

1. To begin, saute carrots and onions in butter (you can probably get away with 1T instead of 2. I would definitely use butter because I think the butter flavor is important here---though certainly you can attempt it with margarine or olive oil, let me know how it goes if you do).
2. Once the carrots are done add chicken stock, potatoes, thyme and cayenne pepper.
3. Bring to a boil and then turn temperature to low, cover the pot and let it simmer until potatoes are done. (Note: I've made this both with chicken stock from a can and with chicken stock made from boullion and the boullion seemed to actually taste better).
4. When the potatoes are done blend the soup in a blender until very smooth.
5. Pour back in pan, add some milk and heat through.

Goes well with grilled cheese sandwiches, breadsticks, or could be served as an intro course/appetizer to a larger dinner.

And this next recipe is one that is real popular among Joe's family. It's super easy and very delicious. There are quite a few recipes for this out there, this is my version which attempts to cut some calories here and there. Forgive my lack of measurements:

Chicken Pillows:
Some chicken, cooked and cut into small cubes (maybe 2 or 3 cups?)
2 cans reduced fat crescent rolls
1 package reduced fat cream cheese
chopped green onion (not sure how much...maybe 1/4 c)
garlic salt
Melted butter (or I use I can't believe it's not butter spray)
Bread crumbs (I use Italian seasoned)

1. Combine cream cheese, garlic salt and green onion
2. Add chicken to cream cheese mixture, set aside
3. Pull crescent rolls out of can, press 2 triangles together to form a rectangle (you'll get 4 per can)
4. place spoonful of chicken/cheese mixture in the middle of crescent roll and fold it up, sealing all edges.
5. spray outside of "pillow" with butter spray and then dip in bread crumbs
6. cook on a cookie sheet in oven according to directions on crescent roll package (I think it's 350 for 13 minutes)

We are crazy about these and though there should be tons of leftovers (8 chicken pillows) we're lucky if they last longer than an extra day or two.

The next recipes I post should involve puff pastry since I picked some up at the store and my good friend Emily sent me some great recipe suggestions (like mini pot pies in ramekins...or puff pastry wrapped asparagus).

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emily said...

That carrot soup looks amazing. A. Ma. Zing.

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