Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sometimes work trips are treacherous, sometimes they're delightful

This work trip was both treacherous (frustrating and anger only Sno-to-go and steak could fix) and delightful (because Jess, Brooke, and Ben are great coworkers).

Highlights of my work trip:

  • Seeing two students try to eat a 30" pizza in under an hour to try to win a years worth of free pizza (they seriously ALMOST did it, but apparently the 2.5 lbs of cheese was just too much)
  • Making Sarah Palin posters for Ben's wall (inside joke, but so so funny)
  • Going to a development workshop at the World Bank (I got a badge, so it's official, I'm important)
  • Two ice cream cakes--these people know how to party, we need to buy more ice cream cake at BYU
  • Went to institute, FHE, and a singles ward---it was a little strange to be back in the Mormon single world, but I'm grateful to Brooke for helping entertain me.
  • Read lots and lots of Harry Potter
  • Williamsburg---this town is so charming. If Joe would move with me we'd move there in a second.
  • Working on a porch of a charming house in the mornings
  • Busch Gardens
I didn't take lots of pictures. Okay I took hardly any pictures, but here are a few of my first trip to Busch Gardens (that's right I went TWICE while in VA).

Did you know France is in the middle of VA? That's right, Busch Gardens is a mini little Europe---with very quaint little buildings and gardens in each "country". Also very "authentic" food---like mozarella sticks in Italy. Nothing says Italian cuisine like fried cheese.
Seriously the gardens there were so beautiful---much more scenic than Lagoon here in Utah. (btw, how much do I love sweet potato vine, it's a gardening staple if you ask me)
I cannot explain why this salute was popular with our crowd, it just was. "Live long and prosper!"
So I did my hair---which turns out to be a mistake since the 2nd ride we rode was the Roman Rapids---oh don't worry we were DRENCHED. So we did what any sensible group would do and decided to ride it twice in a row---I mean, we couldn't get any wetter right? Uh yeah, I'm not sure if that was the best logic, but the point is we were wet for HOURS. That being said it was lots of fun (even if Scott did try to jump out of the boat at one point, guess he's scared of water?)
Oh yeah, and here is me with dry hair, it was actually curled too...but I pulled it back. Christine was a good riding buddy for me. She's as wimpy as I am---and yet it was she that ended up going on the scariest coaster in the park so I COULD NOT back out. And I went. And I screamed. And I loved it.
It was truly so much fun. Rachel, thanks for coming down and bringing such fun friends, it was a blast. I can't wait to go back with Joe.

2 little remarks:

Emily S said...

So you were in my mission the whole time (except the DC part). Awesome . . . but probably so hot and humid. Looks like fun, since the pictures are sans the work.

Kaela said...

I was worried about you and some of your frustrated updates about your trip- its good to see the fun times you had. Glad you were able to enjoy so many fun things!!

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