Thursday, August 27, 2009

Decorative Family Tree Art

I like my family. And I'm happy to proudly display my heritage on my wall if it looks cute.

So like a year and a half ago (yes sometimes projects take a while to get done). I planned on doing this family tree project. Well...I bought the supplies and started but never  finished it.

Flash forward to this summer. My sister-in-law has had a nice one on her wall and said she has some blank ones done that she was planning on selling. Her running shoes are like half a decade old or something and I have an old pair that I got but ended up being too tight so they had become hiking/chores shoes. We did a nice little swap and then all I had to do was fill in our names.

I know. I'm a total cheater.

But at least I'm a cheater who knows how her sister in law made it. So here are the instructions.

1. Download this nice PDF template designed by Misbach.

2. Buy some butcher paper in brown & find 2 coordinating colors you like for leaves. Also buy a piece of heavy card stock for background -- if it were me it'd be white with some texture. You'll want this background piece to be big enough to fill whatever frame you want to put it in (p.s. I love Ikea frames, they are cheap and good lookin', oh and they hang well in a group).

3. Go to kinkos and enlarge the PDF template to the size of whatever frame you want it in.

4. Go home on a sunny day and hang your blown up copy on a window with some masking tape. Tape your butcher paper over it and trace the branches & trunk. Cut out. Trunk & Branches done. Glue it to your background sheet using an acid free glue stick

5. For the leaves. The leaves change in size for each generation. So you need 4 largest ones for you parents, 8 smaller ones for your grandparents...and then smaller and smaller. Take a piece of white see through paper the same size as your color paper and trace each size of leaf. Note: you only need to trace half of the leaves on this sheet of paper (i.e. all the female leaves).

6. Take your homemade leaf template sheet and go zerox these traced images onto your colored leaf paper---you'll need one sheet in each color (i.e. one set of male leaves & one set of female leaves). Alternatively you could scan it and print the scanned image onto colored paper at home. Your choice.

7. Cut out all leaves and glue on in the same order as seen on the PDF you downloaded.

8. Write in your family names & birth dates on each leaf. Write your family's last name on the trunk and list any kids you have there as well.

9. Use all these templates you worked so hard on to good use and make a cheap gift for your parents, siblings, whoever. Christmas is closer than you think.

Fun huh?

I love ours, here's a picture.

2 little remarks:

*Liese said...

LOVE IT. Looks so good, Anna!

Ali said...

Ooh, I like it! I'll have to save this post away for a day I can try it...thanks for the tip!

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