Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If your husband loves you a lot...

...he just may go with you to wander IKEA on your anniversary (and might even get off the freeway and flip around after you pass IKEA and say "hey we should have gone to IKEA")

and when you wander IKEA you might find a couple small items that you've been wanting to pick up to organize the plastic bags you acquire when you forget your reusable bags at the store (note we have not bought garbage bags in a LONG time because we use these instead):

and also a shower caddy for $5 to keep your small shower items contained:

and then you might wander into the "as-is" section and get SUPER lucky and pick up the following:

Lillesand bed frame (after 2 years of marriage we finally will have a mattress that doesn't sit on the floor. Every time I walk into my bedroom I'm happy)...and since you got it for like $79 instead of $179 you'll be super giddy---especially since other bed frame you'd been eyeing was $299.
You might also find: Green magazine holders (GREEN, as in the color you've been redecorating your living room in). For like $1.99 instead of $2.99...and now your bookshelf looks even more colorful yet coordinated

An organization hoochy thingy that keeps under your kitchen sink looking much more organized. (and which was super cheap but you cannot find a photo on the internet)

Oh and don't forget you got a new blanket for grey...for half off and since you are obsessed with grey for home decor your bed is now covered in this....only one pillow cover included...which has you thinking about how you could get some other fabric and turn it into two....

and somehow after all that your IKEA bill still doesn't amount to much (love the as is section!!)....yet you get to wander around your house delighted with all these new things you got for your anniversary just because your husband was willing to go wander IKEA with you--and make unplanned purchases.

I feel so lucky

3 little remarks:

emily said...

I love it ALL. Just the other day, Michael asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, and I told him I wanted to wander IKEA.


Becky Knowles said...

IKEA really is happiness. I have one of those bag organizer things and I LOVE it.

Ali said...

I HEART Ikea. Not to mention their food is DELISH!

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