Monday, August 24, 2009

Quiet Book Tutorial: F is for Family

Lately I've decided to step it up on my quiet book making. I need to get pages to the friends I've promised them to. And it's so satisfying to see how cute the pages are coming together.

Once again I still have to add the embroidered words, but I did find a great basic embroidery tutorial online I plan on using as soon as I pick up the right thread.

Without any further ado, here you are:

Page description:
A tree with apples that snap on and off--each apple has a family members' picture on it (btw, Heather I need pictures of each of the individuals in your family to do your version of this page) it's a family tree. I know, I'm adorable.


  • 1--quare of felt. Mine is charcoal and 12" x 12" (source: Joanns)
  • 1--Square of any patterned fabric for background, 11" x 11" (optional) (source: Joann's)
  • 6 sets - Snaps, as many as the number of shapes you are doing. I got sew on snaps. (source: Joann's)
  • Green patterned fabric or felt for the leaves portion of the tree & brown felt for the trunk (source: Joann's)
  • Thread (Joanns)
  • Interfacing, any kind you choose, I am using some rather stiff heat fusible interfacing. This is optional, but if you want the book to be strong and enduring I wouldn't skip it. (The cheapest I've seen it was at The Stitching Corner, but they sell at Joann's or Walmart too)
  • Steam-A-Seam 2: this made the applique part SOOO much easier. Winner. (Source: Joanns)


(for all pages I'll be using a sewing machine. If you don't have one or would rather do it by hand most steps can be done that way. Modify as necessary)

1. First do the background prep for the page, those instructions can be found here.

2. Cut out your apples out of red felt. For the shape I used an image of a cookie cutter I printed off the internet as a template but any sort of clip art would work.

3. Assemble your tree. I did this by drawing it out on paper, tracing it, attaching it to the Steam-A-Seam2, cut it out, ironed the fabric to the background to make the seal permanent (but before ironing I put the trunk piece underneath)

4. Then I zig zagged around the trunk to fix it down...I might do a J+A in a heart stitched in brown thread later, that could be kind of cute.

5. Then I did a really tight zig zag applique to finish the edge of the rest of the tree.

6. Next I hunted down pictures of Joe and I where our heads were already approximately the right size so I didn't have to resize & reprint. And I cut out our heads from the picture & trimmed the vinyl cover to match.

7. The next step is tricky--I just did a zig zag applique to stitch the photo & the vinyl to the picture but it was really tricky---the vinyl wants to move around and the piece is really small. So be careful. I do plan on stitching our names below our pictures (or in this case "Mom" and "Dad" or something similar) 8. Before you affix the interfacing to the apples stitch on the snap to the interfacing.
9. Stitch the apples to the interfacing (I didn't iron and it turned out fine). After stitching it on I trimmed off the extra interfacing.

10. Stitch the corresponding snap to the tree. Then you'll want to stitch the words along the side. So this page is basically complete. We have no children yet so I'm guessing I'll just put all the rest of the supplies in a ziploc bag for the remaining 4 apples--and sew the snaps to the tree so I can just add pictures and apples over time.
Also eventually I'll stitch on the words "F is for Family" and then this page is done. :)

3 little remarks:

Jessie said...

Very very cute. Only 4 kids, huh? My word verification is "quintica," don't you think that's a sign you should've planned for at least 5? :)

Your kids are so lucky--you will be such a great mom.

Angie said...

You should sell these. I'll be your first client. Let me know. :-)

Charayne said...

Well if you are selling them....I want you to make one for me too. Just let me know how much. I would attempt it, but maybe not with the three little cuties I have at home. You are just darling and way talented. Thanks for the fun weekend!!!

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