Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quiet Book Tutorial: S is for Shapes

Today I finally got to get some serious work done on the quiet book(s). Helena & I got together and talked & sewed. It was lovely. Anyway, without further ado, here is the step by step for S is for Shapes:

Page description:
Shape shadows on the page with colored shapes that match the shadows & snap on and off.


1--square of felt. Mine is charcoal and 12" x 12" (source: Joanns)
1--Square of any patterned fabric for background, 11" x 11" (optional) (source: Joann's)
6 sets - Snaps, as many as the number of shapes you are doing. I got sew on snaps. (source: Joann's)
Several -- small squares of felt, I chose different colors for each shape (Joann's)
Thread (Joanns)
Interfacing, any kind you choose, I am using some rather stiff heat fusible interfacing. This is optional, but if you want the book to be strong and enduring I wouldn't skip it. (The cheapest I've seen it was at The Stitching Corner, but they sell at Joann's or Walmart too)

(for all pages I'll be using a sewing machine. If you don't have one or would rather do it by hand most steps can be done that way. Modify as necessary)

1. First do the background prep for the page, those instructions can be found here.

2. Cut out all your shapes. For each shape you'll need to cut it out 3 times:
once---colored top pice
third--shadow piece

3. Iron the colored piece to the interfacing. I use a towel because the iron tends to want to melt the felt, no good. After that you'll end up with a bunch of these (note, you may want to switch steps 3 & 4, I realized that after I'd already ironed the interfacing to the colored).

4. Sew on the snaps. My snaps came snapped on to cardboard like this:

I sewed them onto the charcoal felt with black thread (by hand), and to the colored pieces with white thread (since I forgot to sew my snaps on before I heat fused the interfacing I had to be careful my needle didn't go through the colored felt when sewing on the snaps. I'd recommend you switch steps 3 & 4 here.)

5. Stitch edging around colored/interface pieces. I did this A) Because I thought it looked cute & B) Because it would hold the interfacing on stronger.
6. Stitch shadow pieces to the background, with the snaps facing up.

7. Pat yourself on the back, you're almost done, here it is with the shapes snapped to their shadows.

Obviously I still need to stitch the words on & add the letters. But essentially it's done. Does anyone know how to embroider words? Or know where a good tutorial is online?

I hope you guys are having fun doing your quiet books, I'd love it if you left a link to where you blog about them. It's so much work, but I think it's turning out great--and really fun. And I love to see what other people are coming up with. (Heather, sorry your book you won is taking forever, I'm slow, but you'll get it before your kids are teenagers, I promise :)

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emily said...

Anna, I love it! It'a so cute! I'm loving the interfacing idea... I might have to use that next time...

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