Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quilting: Cathedral Window Tutorial

I heart people who do really good tutorials on their blog.

Clear instructions.
Good photos.

I cannot remember how I found this, but here it is.

I wouldn't saying I'm a "quilter", but I would say I'm someone who likes to quilt. And that is why I'm super excited bout this project. Then end product looks like this:

I don't when I'm going to find time to do this (probably not until the reupholstering of the chairs is done & the quiet book is complete -- at least Heather's pages). But I think I'm going to make a baby quilt. But I have to exercise self-control and not buy fabric until I have time to quilt.

2 little remarks:

Krystal the Pistol said...

Oooh that might get me into quilting. (Something I don't find exciting). Where's the tutorial for that?

Marcia said...

This is gorgeous, although it looks time consuming. I think it will have to wait until we finish your bed linens, also. When will we sew?

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