Monday, August 3, 2009

Recipe Monday: Strawberry Napoleon

Yesterday my cousins Matt & Shirlene invited us over for dinner. Matt made the best lasagna of my life. And the rest of the food was great too. We really like hanging out with Matt and Shirlene and they have super cute kids.

Anyway, I offered to bring dessert and since the puff pastry was in my freezer calling my name and the recipe on the box just looked so easy, I made Strawberry Napoleon. But I used cheesecake flavored pudding (because I had no vanilla). I had leftovers and gave it to our landlords who were so so grateful (who doesn't love surprise free dessert on Sunday evenings). And apparently their daughters loved it too because they came knocking on our door 20 minutes later asking for the recipe. So cute.

If I were to make it gain I would make the Mini Strawberry Napoloeon recipe so I didn't have to slice it. Plus they are cuter. :) Get the recipe here. (oh and if you are feeling super awesome you could make your own puff pastry. But puff pastry from a box is delicious. I adore it. Let's not talk calories.

3 little remarks:

Becky Knowles said...

I'm seriously adding all the ingredients to my shopping list right now. YUM! Thanks for the idea.

Shirlene said...

It was SO yummy, trust me!!! :) Great dessert for summertime. We're glad you guys hung out with us. Next time we'll do span-seared steaks!!! :)

Emily S said...

Looks awesome, I've got to think of an excuse to make it. I can always think of one . . .

Happy anniversary, by the way! Seems like kind of a long time ago, but not really. Sounds like you had a great time.

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