Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tech Tuesdays: Bing.com/travel

I wish I could travel more. I really like it. But, alas, the cost is a killer. Actually, the price of travel right now though is really really good. Bad economy=less people flying=cheaper flights. Same with hotels.

I'm not sure what website you turn to for travel searches. Usually I use kayak.com which searches many many sites at once. It's fab.

But today my husband showed me bing.com/travel.

I like Bing it's prettier than google. I'm not converted away from google completely but if I don't get the results I want in google I'll sometimes check in Bing. And their travel search is awesome. When I used it I got the same low fare I found on kayak.com and best of all it has this little fare tracker that tells you if fares are on their way up or down.
And you can even have bing track fares for you and send you updates (sites like Orbitz will also track fares for you). But I love the little travel predictor---telling you to wait because the fare might drop or BUY TODAY the fares are about to jump.

Very cool.

2 little remarks:

CJ said...

Try: http://www.bing-vs-google.com/. Bam!

Anna said...

Bam is right CJ, that is freaking awesome. Thanks!

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