Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tech Tuesdays: Blog Redesign

I have learned some html. And a little photoshop. And my blog looks okay, but it's a little cluttered. It need a serious overhaul. Remember how I asked you all for advice? I hired my friend Kaela, she's a doll (and talented!) and I'm so happy with how things are turning out. Here's a sneak peek of things to come:

New backgrounds, the top one is for this blog and the bottom will be for our personal family blog. The background behind the text will be white (so much more readable and clean).

Kaela is so talented and I am so happy she agreed to redesign my blog before taking her temporary retirement (lucky Kaela & Paul are adding a new baby to their family, so exciting). I'm not sure when Kaela will be back to putting blog design packages for sale in etsy, but if she does decide to return I'll let you all know.

She's got mad skills. I need to take an InDesign class and get mad skills of my own.

5 little remarks:

*Liese said...

I pretty much love those designs. Good job.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I didn't know you had two blogs.

Anna said...

I don't yet Tannie. I'll be splitting off my family blog from this one when Kaela finishes the redesign stuff.

Kaela said...

Thanks again for the shoutout Annna! I am excited to see it all come together and am hoping to have more to show you tonight. Just gotta get my little guy down for a nap to work on it:)

emily said...

I absolutely LOVE the prints! I want them in my house!

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