Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I Love: Diet IBC Root Beer

I know I usually reserve my "Things I Love" posts for the weekend, but I could NOT help myself. I had to tell you all how much I love love love love love IBC diet root beer. As a general rule I hate sugary drinks. Regular soda tastes syrupy to me, bleh. But I have a sweet tooth and I like diet soda every now and then. Usually with dinner we like to drink water, but the occasional soda for a snack or at a barbecue or late at night, it's nice. And while I'm on my hating sugar soda/loving diet soda rant here's a letter for all you restaurant owners:

Dear Local Utah restaurants,
Please start carrying a diet drink other than diet coke. Take a cue from Kneaders, Fresca's a good one. Maybe then I'll pay you $1.50 for a drink that costs you $0.10. But for now I refuse to waste 200 perfectly good calories on soda when I could spend them on chocolate. And not everyone likes cola.
You're welcome,
With that off my chest I must tell you diet IBC root beer is the bomb. I've never been a huge root beer fan, but I married one, and ever since he started dating me he can't handle the sugary-ness of the regular kind. So we were both delighted to find diet root beer that actually tastes good and has zero calories. Way less aftertaste than, say, diet coke or pepsi. Oh and it comes in really cute glass bottles too.

Now Joe like's to inform me that he's grabbing a "brewsky" when he pulls it from the fridge. Guess it makes him feel manly.

Try it. You just might love it.

2 little remarks:

Luthi said...

i am in complete agreement. why waste calories on soda!

*Liese said...

I love that he's grabbin' a "brewsky"--that's awesome. I drink water when we go out as well (usually). Not that I don't like soda, but I do think the profit they make is outrageous.

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