Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things I Love: Joe, Being Married to Joe, and Quality Time Alone with Joe

Are you sick of me talking about Joe? Oh well. :)

Today is our 2nd anniversary, so how could I not do my "Things I love" post about him. Joe is cute, funny, witty, optimistic, committed, and one of the hardest workers I know. He's a stellar husband---so patient, kind, selfless, and really willing to do anything to make me happy. And I try to be a good wife.

I'm so glad I got over my marriage anxiety and married him 2 years ago. Happy Anniversary sweetheart, it's been a wonderful (though admittedly crazy) first two years.
From Bergevin Family Wedding Photos

From Bergevin Family Wedding Photos

From Bergevin Family Wedding Photos

We are spent the entire day at Lagoon yesterday--just the two of us. We really wanted to take a cruise or go to Disneyland, but we're trying to be budget conscious. So Lagoon is a good compromise. Joe's my favorite person to hang out with. Fun, funny, but also no need to make small talk. What could be better than getting a little sun and riding rides and pretending we have no cares in the world (btw---if you want to go to Lagoon this summer I found that Deseret Book has the best deal --- like $14 off per ticket, but you have to make a purchase for it (we actually have one extra discount coupon if someone wants it)

So there you go, things I love: Joe, being married to Joe & quality alone time with Joe. I love him and plan on spending many many years with him.

5 little remarks:

Tannie Datwyler said...

I love those pictures. :) You look so happy and beautiful.

Hey, so I wanted a copy of your Carrot Soup recipe, but for some reason I can't copy it and paste it into word. Could you possibly e-mail me a copy? It looks so delicous and I'm always looking for a new soup.

Leilani said...

Happy Anniversary! You're such a cute couple. Hopefully someday I'll meet your sweetheart! Have a great day.

Elisabeth said...

I'm so glad you two got married :) Such a fun, funny, cute and perfect couple! Happy Anniversary you two!! And we never get sick of hearing about how much you love your husband :)

Meghan said...

Congrats on being married for 2 years! I'm so glad you guys are so happy :) Isn't it just the best being married to your best friend? Cute pics as well!

Ali said...

Happy Anniversary...I'm sad I've never met Joe, but I will say that I do know that Joe is one lucky guy cause I sure know you :)

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