Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things I Love: Lane Foard Books found cheap on

I've blogged previously about Squibnocket cards and I am still sad they are no longer being produced. And since I thought the writer was very funny I found some books of his on Amazon and bought them before they went out of print.

The "My Basic Needs" love note booklet is so charming & funny. I've read them to Joe and they sit bound all together on my bookshelf and they make me smile. You can see a preview by going to the link above.
And the "New Parents Book of Firsts" is like a baby book for catalogue all your parental firsts as they occur. I'm not sure if we'll actually fill it out but just reading it is very very funny. My mom checked it out and was laughing so much and exlaiming "so true!!" I actually bought two and I'm just waiting for the right friend to have their first baby so I can give them the second copy. Again, check out the preview at the link above.

Have I mentioned lately that I love books? My expedit bookshelf from IKEA is increasingly book covered as the books take over squares previously dedicted to showcasing other items. It's a happy thing. :)

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