Wednesday, September 23, 2009

104 in 104: #21 Go to a Spa and Get a Couple's Massage

So the Utah College of Massage Therapy isn't a spa, but it's near our house and with two massages for $50 total, it was a great deal. I'm glad we finally got around to if only I could make it to get a massage weekly (oh yeah, and afford the habit).

See the rest of the 104 in 104 list, here.

I'm so excited for #1: Drive the Alpine Loop and see the fall leaves. The leaves are already changing, I love fall.

2 little remarks:

Scarehaircare said...

Drive the Guardsmans pass and then stop at the Homestead for Lunch at Fanny's Grill. They used to have a prime rib sandwich as big as your head. (We did a side-by-side comparison picture one year.) This trip was a tradition for my birthday every year. We'd listen to Saturday General Conference on the radio. Look at the leaves. Hike around Silver lake. Hit the interstate for the drive home and stop at the outlet stores. Eat leftovers for dinner (and the next day, too.) If they have bread pudding for dessert get some of that, too.

Ali said...

Ooh, those are nice. We did that right before I got pregnant and it was SO relaxing. I vowed we should do one every year...but now I'm afraid it might have had something to do with us getting pregnant- the whole relaxation thing...I don't know. So I think we'll wait a few more years. Maybe you'll be announcing something in the next few months?!!

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