Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quiet Book Tutorial: K is for Krazy Weaving Strips

There aren't any step by step photos for this one, but you'll see quickly why they aren't necessary. This is probably the easiest page I've done. (And yes, I'm aware that 'Krazy' is spelled wrong..and also it's kind of stretch, but I needed a k. :)

Page Description:
A page with lots of felt strips to be woven.

1- 12X12 square of felt
1- 11X11 square of patterned fabric
Strips of felt...I didn't measure. But 2 of each color. And do 8 different colors

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1. Do the standard background prep work. Those instructions found here.

2. Cut your strips. 2 of each color.

3. Sew together each colored strip. Each strip will be 2 layers thick for strength. I sewed it by hand because the strips were so small and sewing close enough to the edge could be tricky, getting the edges pulled down into the bobbin, etc...

4. Arrange 4 of the strips vertically and 4 horizontally. Stitch them to the page. Be sure to leave extra space on the side for the button holes where you'll be putting the rings through to bind the pages. And leave space at the top for the embroidered words.

5. Embroider on words and add the felt letter (I obviously haven't done this step).

That's it. Super easy, right?

Remember you can see the full list of quiet book pages here.

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