Monday, September 28, 2009

Recipe Request

Joe and I need to eat more vegetables, but often by the time I've made the main dish (which may or may not have vegetables in it) I am tired and do not want to put something together.

Asparagus is my all time favorite--love it. But it's a little pricey for every day eating.

Anyway, since today is the day of the week I post recipes I thought I would ask you all out there who read my little blog for advice on quick and easy side dish veggies.

I also want to keep it healthy but also make the veggies tasty so I'd like to know what you do to flavor your veggies besides the traditional salt & pepper and butter.

Ideas anyone?

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Beazer said...

I was going to leave some suggestions, but realized that I've got a ton and so it would be fairly long-winded. So instead, I PROMISE to get caught up on my blog and I'll do a veggie-suggestions post by next week.

Kacey said...

we buy ziploc steam bags, so all we have to do is throw some veggies in the bag (fresh or frozen), add whatever seasonings (either in the bag or after it's cooked), and nuke it. brandon likes garlic salt and i like italian herbs with a little sprinkle of parmesan.

we've found it's usually cheaper to by the steam bags and regular old frozen veggies rather than the "steamfresh" type frozen veggies, by the way...

Tara said...

This summer I enjoyed cutting my zucchini into basic slices and broiling it with some lemon pepper on top. SUPER easy and yummy.

Mandi said...

For the last few weeks, I've been in LOVE with Bruschetta (recipe tweaked from one found on It's a great way to use all those ripe tomatoes from your garden. I serve it on a $1.69 loaf of French bread from Albertson's, cut into generous slices and toasted under the broiler. It's also supposed to be really good if you toast it on the grill. Then throw some light pasta together, and buon appetito! You've got yourself a meal.

3 large tomatoes, or 4-5 smaller, seeded and chopped
2 tbs chopped fresh parsley (2 tsp if using dried parsley)
2 tbs chopped fresh chives (2 tsp dry)
2 cloves garlic, minced (I use the canned kind, already chopped)
4 tbs fresh minced basil (4 tsp dry)
1/3 c EVOO (I used canola oil and it turned out fine)
2 tbs balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

In a medium bowl combine tomatoes, herbs, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour, allowing flavors to meld before serving. (This last step is absolutely key).

SO, so, so good. I want some right now, typing this.

Let me know how it goes if you try it!

Mandi said...

Also, we've found that we enjoy a simple green salad so much more with the addition of Almond Accents (, available at the grocery store. There's been some coupons for them lately, so I decided to try them, and they really perk up a boring green salad.

Scarehaircare said... has great recipes. They feature veggies in season with easy prep.

Derek and Jamie said...

Der and I try to eat more veggies too. I usually keep fresh veggies in the fridge so we can have something with each meal. The easiest thing we do is a)open a can of veggies OR b)our favorite is squash, zuccini, asparagus, etc in a pampered chef microwave steamer, little bit of water, garlic salt and basil. They are so yummy and healthy because it is steamed and not sauted.

Helena said...

Here's the key, for me anyway. Go crazy in the produce section. Buy stuff you haven't before and get lots of the basics that last (carrots, potatoes, onions, squash). If its in your fridge, you'll cook it, unless you dont't mind throwing away food. It'll make you get creative, steaming, pureeing, and SOUP! The best way to use leftover meat and add in vegetables.

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