Tuesday, October 6, 2009

104 in 104: #88 Go on a vacation, just the two of us

Believe it or not, until September Joe and I had not been on vacation with only the two of us. For our honeymoon we stayed at a hotel and then cabin in Park City (thanks Brooke for hooking us up with the cabin), but I don't really count that as vacation...it was more like time off of work post-wedding like 45 minutes away from home. Anyway, in 2008 we went with my family to Michigan, which was great, but it was with my family. So it was nice to get away to Washington DC and spend the days with my husband and visiting friends (thanks again Rachel!).

So anyway, some photos tell the story well.

Have you been to Georgetown? It's super charming. I liked it. After arriving at the airport in early afternoon we dropped our bags at Rachels and headed over. We went to HM, Joe at a cold chicken finger to tide him over til dinner, we almost got cupcakes at Georgetown cupcake, but the line was too long.

Instead we went to "Hello Cupcake" near Dupon Circle. That lemon cupcake and the peanut butter blossom one were amazing. Don't worry I didn't eat them all my self, we cut them up and shared with Rachel's roommates too.

Sunday we went to church with Rachel and her roommates and that was lots of fun. I ran into two people I knew (Nicki Dittermore from church here in Utah and Spencer Whitlock who I was in student government with in high school). What else do you do on Sunday in Washington DC? See monuments and Arlington Cemetery of Course.

It was beautiful and peaceful on a Sunday afternoon. We saw Ted Kennedy's grave, he had only been laid to rest a week or two earlier. It was sad to see so many graves of the Kennedy family and realize how many in that family died young.

I'd request to have my funeral in this beautiful ampitheatre (found in the middle of the cemetery), but I wouldn't want you to have to sit on those hard stone benches. But seriously, isn't it beautiful?

After dinner we did a monument tour. Roosevelt & Jefferson's monuments are really amazing at night with all the lights.

And the Pentagon monument for those killed at 9-11 was new to me and really beautifully done.

Taking pictures at night that turn out good is difficult -- either they are grainy with no flash or you use the flash and the flash kills the rest of the lighting. After many attempts Rachel got this shot, nice work girl.

And Joe took one of me and Rachel. She was a super patient tour guide. And a smart one. She took us to the  much less well known Albert Einstein monument! I loved it. Rachel loves Albert, see how happy she is? We like him so much we climbed on his lap and took a picture. Good times.

Monday and Tuesday were museum days. We went to Air & Space, American History, Holocaust, and the Spy Museum. We could take pictures at the first two but the latter two would not allow it. By the end I was all museum-ed out, but we saw some really amazing stuff.

Oh to explain these photos: Me with Dorothy's ruby red slippers, Joe by a tomahawk missile, Joe on the bottom pretending to be the president and me at the top looking uh..not so presidential. Joe in the upper right with Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt and then by Kermit the frog. And then, perhaps my favorite, me with Stephen Colbert. I love him.

Also, have I mentioned that sometimes I wish I was the first lady and could wear fancy dresses like this?

My friend Nicki who we rant into at church (and who works in Senator Bennett's office) took us on a tour of the capitol. It's such an amazing building.

These buildings are really pretty too. We ran out of time and didn't get to go walk around the Library of Congress, which was a real shame. And see that building on the upper left, that's the Department of Agriculture, maybe the prettiest one on the mall.

And of course, Joe in front of the White House. Those bars may be necessary, but they kind of kill the photo op.

And this is me and Brooke and Jess at a Moroccan restaurant. I'd never had Moroccan food before. I'd say, it was interesting. And in the end we were all surprised by a special Tuesday night belly dancing show...Jess has been there before and said this was all new to her. Why they do the belly dancing on Wednesday and not Friday nights I'll never know.

So there you go, our quick touristy little vacation. Joe flew out the next morning at 5am and I headed over to the hotel to catch some sleep and then get ready for 4 days of meetings. No pics of the meetings however. It might not have appeared professional to be snapping pictures....unfortunately. Just trust me, there were LOTS of meetings.

And if you've made it to the end, wow. You should go to DC sometime, it's a rather cheap vacation since a lot of the museums are free.

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*Liese said...

I've never been. And one day, I'd like to go. Your pictures are fabulous; I'm gettin' a bit jealous.

Tara said...

I want to go.

Ali said...

Those cupcakes look delicious, and your trip sure looks BUSY!! Six years ago when I was in DC I don't remember those bars being there- just that flimsy fence and I remember thinking that was odd. I'll have to check my pictures to double check :)

Beazer said...

Looks like you had a great getaway -- I'm glad you were finally able to make it happen. We are hoping to get to DC sometime in the first half of next year. There have been lots of questions about the big White House that the president lives in and with a bunch of friends in the area we thought it would be a good time to make the journey. It should be a fun adventure.

Andrea said...

What a great vacation! I saw your brother in the Wilk today. I always enjoying talking with him. I love you!

Mandi said...

Gorgeous architecture! I guess I never realized what was there, past the White House and Lincoln Memorial. Neat trip!

Charayne said...

wow, that looks like an amazing trip and that you had tuns of fun. I did make it to the end, so now is the part where you take me on a free vacation right? LOL. I want to go there sometime. Talk to you soon!

Rachel said...

yayayaya! It was SO fun. You forgot to blog about being in the "hotel" watching Freaks & Geeks... :)

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