Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Stuff is Cute

A lot of my friends are having babies these days. I mean, a lot.

Today I was helping my friend Helena brainstorm  what to do for a blessing dress (similar to a Christening gown). Someday, if/when I have a girl we still have my blessing dress in my mom's closet and we plan on reusing it, so I won't need to hunt around for one.

But if I did need one, I thought this one on etsy was just beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

Joe is convinced anything miniature/tiny is cute. I must say this dress is especially cute because it's tiny.

1 little remarks:

Marcia said...

I must agree that this is a beautiful dress!! We can make a new one if you are not toooo attached to the idea of your baby wearing yours. I should've taken more time and known that you would be a daughter that would use an heirloom dress! But yours is still pretty.

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