Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Pictures: Planning the Wardrobe

Joe and I have not had our pictures professionally taken since our wedding 2 years ago. We decided that's a problem so we're getting them taken on the 7th.

Problem is I couldn't think of anything I wanted to wear that I own---I was trying to coordinate with this sweater I wanted Joe to wear.

But lucky me, we went shopping Friday afternoon before our hot date at the Nickelcade. Apparently my obsession with Shade Clothing continues because I am going to be wearing this black interlock dress:

It's flattering and I like it. So now Joe is no longer wearing his sweater--he'll be wearing a new suit we got him a few months back. We weren't planning on dressy family photos...but so it goes.

Now I just have to figure out accessories....the problem is I am so not trendy. But I'm thinking of making a headband with a layered mum on it and wearing my hair down....and I'll figure out some sort of jewelry.

5 little remarks:

Becky Knowles said...

I think you should wear yellow boots like the girl in the picture. :):):) The dress is way cute by the way and I'm jealous you getting pictures taken. We haven't had a professional family picture since Boston was 6 months old.

Ali said...

I am EXITED to see them! Who is taking them? Planning the outfits is always the hardest. I'm sure you'll both look fantastic :)

Dibble's said...

I love that dress! Are you having Abbey take them? We're getting our family photo's done that day too...and I have no clue what to wear! It's so expensive to do pics because you feel like you need to buy new clothes...but I can always use new clothes!

Charayne said...

Let me know if you want to borrow some jewelry. I'm sure your pictures will just be darling! You will have to post them when you get them done. :)

Kaela said...

Can't wait to see the family pics!! I love your style even though you claim to be a little unsure of your style:) I know you have it in you based on your posts and the Anna I have come to know and love via your blog!

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