Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Quiet Book Love -- aka Some People Have Mad Skills

No, not my quiet book. I have been working on mine (yay conference weekend). And there's definitely more work to come on that (and posts). There's been a lot of craziness happening around here, non crafting wise, and I just don't have energy or the desire to blog...sad, I know. I'll be back someday, hopefully soon.

For now, go look at my friend Emily's quiet book. It's pretty adorable. As Emily is. Actually I've never officially met Emily, bizarre, but true. But we're good blogging buddies.

Anyway, see her felt quiet book here. Bless your heart Emily for all that hand stitching, it looks adorable.

Have I mentioned how much I love felt.? Once I finish all these quiet book pages I'm going on a felt food making spree. Seriously.

2 little remarks:

Dibble's said...

What a cute book! Anna, I think this all the time but don't say it enough, I love your blog, you're so witty! :)

emily said...

Thank you for the nice words Anna! I'm loving the idea of felt food too. I've been loving it in the cute little apartments in my ward I've been visiting.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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