Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Love: On The Hunt for The Perfect Baby Book

I wrote this post about a month ago...but couldn't post it until now (after I'd told people at work). I figured it was time to edit it and post it. :)

Not talking about my pregnancy on the blog is killing me, maybe that's why I haven't been posting as much lately.

I'm not sure if my mom kept an official baby book on me, I'll have to ask her about that. In general I like the idea of recording short little thoughts about the baby both before and after they are born. Lots of baby books are so cheesy, but here are some good options (though not necessarily cheap are they really options? Anyway, they're pretty).

This Binth baby book which I think I first saw on Design Mom is so beautiful. It's $110 price tag is not as beautiful (ouch).

This baby record book is also modern, not cheesy, and priced more reasonably at $32-$42 (depending on the type of cover you choose). It comes in a couple different colors.

And I LOVE this baby book called "Hello Baby" (maybe related to my love of the cupcake place "Hello Cupcake" that I ate at in DC?). Ahh I want it so much. But, like the Binth it's a little pricey for me at $115, but it really is beautiful. Maybe for you if your budget allows.

This one on Etsy is cute.

Actual Etsy is full of good baby book options:

This one:

And this one, which I officially want. Very much. Better start saving.

Oh and this one which is a little cheaper.

I really should have become a graphic designer so I could just make my own.

5 little remarks:

Diane said...

Anna! Congratulations to you and Joe! I am so happy for you. I had kind of heard through the grape vine that you were (from your post on Becky's blog). So I guess you were at Conference right? That is so cool! You and Joe will be such wonderful parents! When is your due date and how are you feeling?

Beazer said...

One thing that has helped A TON with our baby books is getting a calendar that you keep either right by your bed or the crib. It's so easy to jot down the little things that they did, their favorite toy, 5th doctor visit, etc without worrying about putting it in the right place or making it look nice. Then you can go back later and get it in the baby book the way you'd like to.

Stephanie Ford said...

Have you seen this post on Ohdeedoh about baby books under $25?

I'm really liking the first option by Sandra Issakson and thinking about buying it for this little one, but I wish that I could see it in person before I guy it.

And do you read the blog Ohdeedoh? It's one of my favorites for baby stuff.

Tiff said...

Yay!! I logged on to your 101 list the other day and I was thinking about you and your "get pregnant" item. I'm so excited for you guys!

I didn't end up buying an actual baby book, but I scrapbooked an ABC book (adorable, blessing, crib, dr. visit, etc) before Harvey was born because I wasn't a fan of the boring pages my own baby book has. I wanted more pictures. Anyway, I did find a book called "The Belly Book" that I absolutely loved. It's for the mother to write her thoughts, favorites, pictures, cravings, etc. throughout pregnancy. I didn't fill everything out, and didn't include a picture for every week, but I thought it would be fun for Harvey to look back and see how I felt/what he did while he was in my belly. (you can find it on Amazon, it's edge is shaped like a belly, and it's yellowish if you're interested)

Tiff said...

One more thing... (although i don't see my previous comment...)

I was bumming around on, and the same author (Amy K) that wrote "The Belly Book" which I loved, has a baby book coming out in April 2010. Not sure what it looks like inside, but the outside looks exactly like the former. It's fun, humorous, witty. But I wouldn't say "beautiful."

I'm planning on ordering one next year. :)

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