Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Felt Bows, Ornaments, and one seriously fabulous wreath

My obsession with felt continues. And if I weren't trying to force myself to finish the quiet book pages before I start any new projects I might just make some of these this week. Maybe Christmas morning....we aren't exchanging that many gifts, that might be fun....anyway.

Bows. I don't have many gifts to wrap this year....but I might try to make some of these felt bows anyway.

And our Christmas tree pretty much looks the same as last year---I need to make more office sticker garland and I could use a few more ornaments...maybe tossing in a spring green felt version of this ornament. So so cute.

And I am pretty much CRAZY about this ruffled wreath....if I can find the right color green felt I'm making one, a green, ruffly, felt wreath. And it just might hang on my door year round.

What's that, you want to make one too. I know, AMAZING. Check out the tutorial here.

All as seen on "How about Orange"

p.s. I worked on the quiet book last night. I'm positively giddy about it's cuteness. And with the burst of energy from my second trimester I'm hoping to make some serious progress. :)

3 little remarks:

Julie said...

I am jealous you got a "burst of energy!" I am still waiting for that to happen.

Kacey said...

i thought about making that wreath...then i decided i'm too lazy to cut out all of those circles! :)

Marcia said...

This is definitely going on my list. Let's go in together on that circle cutter and make this easier. It's fabulous!

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