Friday, December 11, 2009

Progress on the 104 in 104

Remember how a year ago I made that goal to do 104 things in 104 weeks...I haven't forgotten it completely. Here are a few updates.

#3 Go to a bell choir concert
We got free tickets and then bailed that night and didn't go. Because we're lame. But I tried. Better luck next year.

#12 Have Family Pictures Taken

We did it...I call this one done because we got them taken this year even if we didn't get them done last year. Though now that I think about it... in the spring we did get family pictures taken with Joe's whole family. Awesome. I call it good. If you want to see our pictures and don't follow the family blog you can see a few, here. I don't look perfect, but as Joe told me, "If we wait to get pictures until you're happy with how you look we'll never get pictures taken"...true true Joe.

#13 Send out Christmas Cards
I bought this photoshop template here. It cost $1.99

I dropped in a picture of Joe and I and uploaded it to where I got them printed as POSTCARDS. This was a brilliant moment. They are sturdy, turned out good, don't require envelopes, and cost less to mail. I'm very proud of myself. I'll upload the card on the web after I've mailed the real deal out to those we're sending them to. If you don't get one, don't feel bad, I'm limiting myself to like 30 and that includes family.

#22 See the Christmas Lights at Temple Square
Joe and his friends did a little outdoor acapella concert just outside temple square last Sunday. So I got to see the lights. It was ridiculously freezing so I spent more time indoors at the visitor center than touring the grounds to see the lights.

#23 Go Ice Skaing
Tragic. I was so excited. But my doctor said I could only go ice skating if I could promise not to fall. Uh no, I cannot promise that. So no ice skating for this pregnant lady.

#42 Take Joe to Brick Oven
Done. Didn't take pictures. What a slacker am I.

#53 Travel Outside the Country
This is seriously a huge heartbreak for me. The research project I have been working on now for 18 months is having a launch conference in Oxford, England. So I could go, for free. But it's in mid to late March which is just a little too close to my due date. If it were a shorter flight I'd be less scared, but I really don't want to risk going into premature labor on a transatlantic flight. Sigh. As I keep telling Joe, this baby owes me, big time.

image via here.
#65 Have a baby
In progress. We'll be crossing this one off in May/June.

Progress. Slowly but surely. It really has been fun to have a running list of things I want to do as a reminder...and to see us accomplishing them. You should take the challenge and do it too....maybe January 1, 2010?

3 little remarks:

Ali said...

Wow, your Christmas cards were a lot less expensive than ours! That is a great idea- to buy a template. I'll have to remember that one next year. This year we had to cut down our list and send out to only extended family and people that don't read the blog basicly cause they were so expensive! Thanks for the tip :)

madison said...

Go Anna! Doing so many awesome things all in a year! Yeah, too bad you are having a kid and can't go ice skating- such a disappointment! Yeah, that kid totally owes you. haha

Ariel said...

Way to work on that have a baby thing. I have been meaning to tell you congrats for awhile but haven't found the right post to do so. This one seems appropriate. Hooray for babies!

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