Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Book: I Finally Committed

There were so many good baby book options out there (and so many that I was crazy about that were just a little too pricey to be practical). So after looking around a bit I finally settled on this one from etsy.

It's modern and girly and really resonably priced.

I was sold on it because the pages seemed so basic & I loved that it integrated calendar pages into the book. I was thinking of trying to record one little thing each day on a calendar for as many days as I could. Now I don't need a separate calendar.

I must admit that I wish I could buy 2 baby books and I would get this one, which Stephanie suggested in the comments on the last baby book post. Sadly they don't let you preview many pages & I'm not sure its available in bookstores since I couldn't even find it on Amazon. It is truly adorable...but a baby only needs one baby book not two.

It's interesting--as we accumulate more baby stuff around the house really makes her pending arrival more real to me. We just can't wait to meet her.

3 little remarks:

Mandi said...

Love the lilac! Very pretty, not too girly, just perfect. :)

Ryan & Michelle said...

I just love your blog. You are so creative & so on top of it all. A baby book didn't even come into my mind until I saw that you got one & I thought, "what a great idea to have!". And I'm totally swiping your 14 Days of Valentines idea = just brilliant beyond words! so sweet, romantic & cheap!!! I will always remain your avid reader!

Kaela said...

How adorable! NIce choice!!

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