Friday, January 1, 2010

Best Purchse of 2009 -- A Saga (Perhaps too much info for you)

Well after much debate...and telling myself "oh maybe we'll get one...someday"...and proving to myself that I really really wanted one, we bought an SLR.

Why an SLR, why not just a point and shoot:

We have a point and shoot. A great little point and shoot. It takes good photos and is super small so it fits in my purse and can go anywhere I go. In fact, it often is in my purse. And it has some manual controls, which I have played with. Biggest frustration of the point and shoot--taking pictures indoor, in low-lighting, without a flash, produces grainy photos no matter what I do. And I HATE the flash. It makes the colors look funky. But if I don't use the flash things are grainy and/or blurry. Oh point and shoot, this is very frustarting.

And I really do love photography. And want to take better pictures--learn more about exposure, composition, different lenses, etc...And it seems that the vast majority of the photos I take are indoors or at night--of course there are some exceptions.

So while we love our point and shoot, and will continue using it, I am convinced that I wanted and SLR and that I am willing to put in the time to learn how to use it (not just on auto mode with a flash...but actually use the features it has)

Why now:
One blessed thing about having a birthday right before Christmas is that if you get cash for both your birthday AND for Christmas, it adds up quickly. So thanks Dad & Grandma and Grandpa, for giving me cash this year. Without it I would have had to save many more months for buying myself a camera.

Which camera:
So on the suggestion from my good from CJ--who has mad skills, see his flickr stream here--and from many others (including a photographer whose blog I read and whose skill I admire--who actually has a degree in photography and some great talent) we bought a Canon Rebel XS. All the suggestions combined and seemed to suggest we get a Canon Rebel. And that the XS specifically was sufficient for our needs. Also I have small hands and the Canon is a little smaller and easier to hold. I guess I could tell you a bunch of technical specifications and whatnot but it boils down to: Canons are reliable, have lots of lenses, and people smarter than me said I didn't need anything more powerful than an XS.

Where we bought it:
That same photographer whose blog I read always recommends this online store--B & H Photo. They had the Canon Rebel XS kit for $450 with free shipping and a $50 rebate (so $400). The rebate ended yesterday, so if you click now it's gone.

And because I was so proud of myself for finding a good deal, and because my friend Ali said the prime lens is her favorite, and that same photography blog recommended this prime lens as a good starter (and only $99) we got that too, and an SD card. And it will be a long time before we invest in any more lenses. Perhaps never. This may be all we ever need.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and yay "We're Having a Baby", this is my present to me. And Joe. He has an interest in photography too. But I'll invest more time in learning how to use it.

And I can't wait until it arrives. January 8th. Because upgrading the shipping slightly so I could have it sooner. :)

Hope your Christmas is good and you have a great new year too.

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CJ said...

Congrats! It'll be great. And if you care most about indoor shots in low light and portraits, the 50 mm f/1.8 prime is PERFECT and honestly, the best value in lenses out there. I have one and absolutely love it. You can maintain a low ISO to avoid noise but still get enough light, and you'll have the shallowest depth-of-field you could ever hope for. And as with most primes, that one's pin sharp. Let me know how it goes!

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