Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcake Craze Part 1: The Cocoa Bean Cafe

I've always liked cake. And I like cute little things. So I suppose it should come as no surprise that I love fancy cupcakes.

Driving to work I noticed a banner about some new place serving, yes please. So on the way home today (after what was, admittedly, a work day filled with craziness, frustration, and disappointment) I stopped and picked up two cupcakes.

How cute is this store (The Cocoa Bean Cafe):

Look at all those beautiful cupcakes. I'm serious, the fun of the cupcakes is half eye candy and half...uh...mouth candy. [Note: they also serve some gourmet hot chocolate drinks--they roast cocoa beans from places all over the world and make all these different drinks--sort of like fancy coffee drinks but substitute chocolate for the coffee. I think its a very charming idea.]

As far as cupcakes go these ones are generously sized. Joe and I shared one and we'll have to save the other for tomorrow--too much sweet, sugary richness to consume all alone in one sitting. And they give it to you in a cute little box to transport home.

Are you wondering what kind of cupcakes they have there? You can see their menu/calendar here.

Today I selected two cupcakes: One is a Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Cupcake...don't worry it has Nutella, raspberry jam AND cream cheese frosting atop a chocolate cake that may or may not have had some raspberry flavoring in it as well; the second cupcake was some sort of chocolate cupcake with mint oreo frosting.

Serious. If you live in Utah go stop by.

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