Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quiet Book Tutorial: Finishing Touches with Letters

I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on a few pages.

I didn't do step by step instructions with photos here, but it's pretty simple:

1. I have a set of letters that my friend Helena purchased for me here (I was unable to find them when I went there, but you could call and ask). Instead of using them (they are all in red and I might want my letters in other colors), I use them as a template for creating my own felt letters.

2. Then I cut out a rectangle of fabric slightly larger than the felt letter--out of whatever color I think will look good with the rest of the page.

3. Then I hand stitch the felt letter to the rectangle.

4. I stitch the rectangle to the larger page.

And that's all. Here are some examples of what I've done so far (ignore my terrible indoor photographs--better ones to come in 2010 :)

(which I originally called G is for Garden but now I guess I'm doing G is for Grapes and E is for Everyone....woops)

Anyway, that's all. Full page post on X and O, tic tac toe, coming soon. :)

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Jessie said...

It's looking so good! I'm glad you've gotten some of your energy and motivation back. I'm thinking about making two smaller books for my girls, so they can each have one. I just need to decide what kind of pages I want, and do it. I can't believe you'd rather hand-sew, though--after all the machine stuff I did on that playhouse, and then the few things I did as gifts by hand--I know I'd MUCH rather use my machine. So much easier, and the stitching comes out so much better, for me at least. I am not patient enough for hand stitching.

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