Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's Day is Coming...Maybe You Should Make an Advent Calendar?

I love Valentine's Day...and that is likely directly related to the fact that I am happily married. Regardless of the why, I enjoy it.

Last year, for those of you who read this blog back then, I planned out the 14 Days of Valentine's for Joe. Planned to do and actually accomplished were not the same in this case, but still, my intentions were good and Joe felt loved. So...mission accomplished.

This year we are moving just before Valentine's Day so I'm thinking Joe will be lucky to get 3 or 5 days of Valentine's this year. Too bad because I was hoping to be more consistent than last year.

Also, this year as Valentine's approaches and we are now expecting our first child I've been thinking of things I want to do with our children for Valentine's Day. I'd like them to see their parents express romantic love for eachother, certainly, but I'd also like to help them learn to see Valentine's as not just a day of romance, but a day to celebrate all the different ways we love different people in our lives. So that young or older, single or in a relationship, they can find joy in the holiday---a holiday centered around love, which I think is great.

And I was thinking of all the different ways we could do that...

And decided that in future years (when not moving all our worldly belongings) we'd have an advent calendar at our house. Something red, pink, and white...with 14 little boxes and activities and/or treats in each one.

I like this one that Ali Edwards did for Christmas--adapting it with Valentine's colors, heart shaped boxes, or the boxes arranged in a heart, hung on the wall, would be really fun.

Then as a family we could open one each day and build up the excitement for the holiday and share it with those around us. Here are some activities/ideas for each of the boxes, do you have any to add? I'd love to hear them:

  • Decorate the house for Valentine's Day, probably not a lot of decorations because less clutter (in boxes and around the house) is better. But a few things like this heart shaped felt garland (above, and created by this blogger), would be fun and inexpensive. 
  • Go pick out some beautiful flowers at the store---1 bouquet for our kitchen table & one for a neighbor/friend who could use them.
  • Make homemade valentines for all the grandparents, deliver them in person
  • Cut out and address valentines for friends 
  • Make your valentine's box for school (please tell me they still do this decorate-your-own-valentine's-box-for school-and-trade-valentine's tradition...if not I'll be so disappointed)
  • Make sugar cookies with pink frosting & red hots
  • Heart attack a neighbor--cover their door in paper hearts, leave a plate of cookies, ring the doorbell & run
  • Have a family home evening lesson about "Love"
  • Call someone you haven't talked to in a while to catch up
  • Have one heart for each family member--write things you love about that person on their heart
  • Have an extra special family dinner--with candles & china & nicer than average food
  • Pop popcorn & watch a movie together...I'll have to think of a family movie that classifies as a Valentine's flick...
  • Make heart themed crafts (like these crayon hearts from Martha Stewart -- pic below)
Anyway that's all I can think of for now. And it won't happen this year...and our baby girl will be too little to even get it the next...but if I make it sometime this year then next year I can fill it with activities/notes/and treats just for me and Joe--which is still romantic & fun.

2 little remarks:

Tiff said...

Great ideas! I just might have to borrow a few. :)

Angie said...

Oh my gosh these are such great ideas. I've been thinking about the 14 days this year but I like the idea of the advant calendar and doing something for Jackson too. I love it, thanks!

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