Friday, February 12, 2010

Moving Right Along

We're still in the process of moving. While we moved the bulk of things on Saturday, I've been picking up odds and ends after work this week and hauling them to the new place (being forced to clean out your fridge and freezer is a good thing, I found steaks in the freezer I'd forgotten about, Happy Valentine's Dinner to us.)

So we pack. And unpack. And clean. And organize. And keep going to work.

So unsurprisingly the highlights of my week have been:

  • Peanut Butter Mood Smoothies from Jamba Juice (and yes, I know they have a bajillion calories).
  • Sleeping. Oh how I love to sleep.
  • Buying strawberries even though they aren't cheap because, hey, at least its healthy food, right?
  • Oh and we bought a pineapple too.
  • Figuring out where everything should go and seeing it all come together. Realizing just how much more space we have now than we did before. (Pictures coming soon...hopefully)
  • The joys of having a washer & dryer again--we ordered a washer after ours broke in September and then promptly cancelled our order when we found out our new apartment had a w/d included. So we have been washer-less for months. We are happy to be back in the doing-our-laundry-at-our-house-business
  • Looking forward to our Valentine's Day date on Saturday and having time to cook a real, amazing, balanced meal--meat, vegetable, homemade bread! Oh and we are going to eat off our china, which we have never used. I'll take pictures. It's going to be beautiful.
  • Buying a scale for the bathroom and realizing that the cheap-o one on display at the store was wrong. I have not, in fact, now gained 14 pounds...I've only gained 10. I can handle that. It's about on track.
  • The baby is kicking me lots. It's reassuring that she's in there moving around and everything is just fine. 24 weeks today.
  • Buying stuff for the new apartment, like:

    • Desk for Joe so he will stop using the kitchen table
    • Bathroom trash can
    • Bathmat
    • New shower curtain that we both like
    • Additional shelving for around the apartment

We are loving our new place. And will love it even more when all the moving is done and we can settle back to a normal routine. But for now this is our routine. Work. Pack. Unpack. Organize. Clean. and occasionally shop.

Such an exciting life.

3 little remarks:

Dibble's said...

Hooray for moving in! It'll be so nice to have all that space with a new baby...and speaking of which, I so can not believe that you've only gained ten pounds by 24 weeks. you have no idea how UNFAIR that is. I'd gained ten pound by about 15 weeks with Lilah. She was not so good to my body!

Tyler and Jill said...


Hey it's Jill from high school. I found your blog and was so excited to see that you and I are pretty much due at the same time. I am a week behind you though. Be careful with moving...we have also been moving and it has been rough. My husband has done most of the lifting so that's good. But it was so good to see you and what you are up to. At least we're both on the count down and past the half-way mark to having a baby! yeah!

Steve Weller said...

That's great for you guys. Remember when I used to work at Zuka Juice?(before it was taken over by Jamba) I still make the occasional smoothie for myself, and the last one I made was indeed a peanut butter mood. Mmm....
Congrats on the pregnancy! Hope all goes well with you! We're at 14 weeks, so we're just a couple months behind.

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