Thursday, February 18, 2010

One picture a week...or maybe a day...

Today I saw on Ali Edwards' blog a post about taking a picture every day to document the year...365 pictures. I like that idea. But right now things are chaotic so daily just doesn't seem doable...though maybe I'll change my mind after we've unpacked.

And then I loved seeing this post she did about "This week in photos and words" posting one pic from each day (a part of the photo a day project).

This. Is. Brilliant.

I actually love that not all of her photos have people in them (one day she takes a picture of her lunch and writes a blurb about her lunchtime routine).

I get caught in the trap of not taking photos because there's no event. And then not taking photos at events because I'm too busy having fun or I feel weird whipping out the camera.

But now I have an awesome camera. And practice makes perfect. So maybe I will try to take one photo a day...and definitely once a week. And do a weekly summary post about my life. It sounds like fun. At least for me, if not for you. My life can be very mundane (hello full time job where I sit at a computer)

The irony of this post is there aren't many pictures. make it a little more interesting here's our week so far:

Sunday: Last day going to our old ward (i.e. church congregation). We've moved so we need to switch to a new closer ward. Joe and I sang in church, we thought we botched it, others said we did great. People were very friendly and kind as we said goodbye. We'll miss them. Sunday evening we went to my mom's to hang out with my family and my Aunt Lauri who is in town. [Pretend there's a photo of my hot husband holding our sheet music or my family frosting Valentine's sugar cookies]

Monday: President's Day. Campus is closed. Though I should be productive and unpack I'm only mildly productive. I run errands with Joe and after yet another trip to Ikea I find this cabinet in the as-is section 30% off...I am in craft organization heaven. I was craving hot dogs so we ate lunch at Ikea--super healthy. [Since I don't have an actual photo, here's the one from Ikea's website]

Tuesday: Work. Had a Dr. appointment, watched Olympics, did some last minute planning for scouts.

Wednesday: Cub Scout blue and gold banquet. Our last pack meeting. We barely had enough tablecloths to cover the 35 round tables and 4 rectangle tables. There was a lot of spaghetti. Highlight of the meeting for me: there were cupcakes for dessert. A magician came and entertained the boys and their families---he stayed extra long making balloon animals, I felt bad because there were so many kids in line and tried to help blow up balloons to speed things up (and kids asked for crazy balloons..."I want a flamingo" or "I want a monkey in a tree"...what the..?)

Thursday: Best day I've had at work in a long time. I had a data breakthrough, I'll spare you the boring details. I made it through the entire work day without opening my box of Cheeze-its...though I did eat starbursts so oh well. Tonight I'll be unpacking and watching men's figure skating--loving the Olympics. And since I realized I have my point and shoot in my purse, here are some exciting photos--one of my office from today and one of the view from my office from a few days ago.

I know, its a gorgeous view, lucky me.

And now I need to leave my office. I stayed after work to write this post :)

3 little remarks:

Becky Knowles said...

I don't know if it's because I kind of miss working sometimes, but I really liked that you posted a picture of your desk at work. :)

Frenchy chick said...

Hey beautiful!
You are the one who inspired me to write my journal on line. Wonder if you survived the move. I am ALWAYS pregnant when we move...And i don't like moving....But oh well baby first.
I live around Provo.
Come say hi!

Malinovka said...

I love Ali Edwards, and for some reason I don't keep up with her blog! So, thanks for the nudge. I love that you took a pic of your office and the view. It's one of those things we probably never think to do, but when we see a pic it brings back lots of memories. Way to go in your scout calling--I just know I'm going to have to do that someday. I thought Activities committee was hard, and then I read your post. Yep, I think I can't wait awhile on that calling.

P.S. Congrats on your data breakthrough! All Eric is doing is analyzing data, so I can understand how triumphant you must feel!

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