Friday, March 19, 2010

Deck the Walls: We're adults now...framed art and everything

I've had these two posters sitting protected in cardboard tubes for a while waiting to be framed. They finally are.

I want our home to reflect our religion--it's such a major part of our lives. But I didn't want to have the same art I see over and over in local stores, online, or in the homes I visit. And I wanted art that reflected our personalities---modern, young...oh I don't know, I guess YOU can tell ME what what these pieces say about us.

My mom gave us this Minerva Tiechert print for Christmas 2 years ago with a coupon to get it framed. Good thing too since Ikea has square frames and getting the frame there made it significantly cheaper.

And I blogged about this temple letterpress print a while back when Joe let me buy it...I'm so thrilled its finally framed. Again frame from Ikea.

We're so thrilled to be settling down in our home and feeling like things are much more permanent. Picking art for your home can be tricky, how do you decide what to invest in and commit to?

**For those of you who are curious about such things--we bought standard frames and then had mats custom cut. I found them really reasonably priced at this website. The quality was great and they'll send you swatches to help you pick out the right color (because doing so off a monitor is way too tricky).

5 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

LOVE them! The letterpress temple is still one of my favorite things I've seen.

Mandi said...

Oh, I just love Minerva Teichert so much! I would love to get some prints of hers sometime. Might I ask where your mom found nice posters suitable for framing?

Savanna said...

I looooove the Teichert piece I always see in the temple but forget the artist's name by the time I get home. Maybe I can get some of her art now as well.

Genavee said...

Framed artwork is so exciting. I'll have to look into the Ikea frame/custom mat combo. There are a few things lying around that I would love to frame, but haven't due to expense.

Marcia said...

Yes, Virginia, you are all grown up now, with your beautiful art! And you have such great taste! That must be why I chose you to be my daughter (or did you choose me or were you assigned???) I like every piece of art you have bought and I think they reflect quite mature taste, but it will also be fun to see what else you like as your taste develops and changes. Your home is really coming together nicely. Well done!

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