Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Tour: Before

Well I'm across the Atlantic at a work conference in Oxford, England (lucky me) and Joe is home continuing the daily grind. Before I left I uploaded these photos of our new home. If you are like me you'll find great pleasure in our little home tour.

And when I get the unpacking finished and the baby's nursery set up I'll take "After" photos.

Welcome to our house, this is the "back door" which leads to the garage. I usually get to park in the garage so I come in here.

This photo is taken from the top of the stair (our apartment is all one level except for the stairs to the garage). If you turn around you'd see our washer and dryer...lovely :) I can't tell you how much I love having a separate laundry room rather than having it crammed in our bathroom.

If you turn to the right you'd see our beautiful kitchen....seriously I'm so much more motivated to keep it tidy and cook in here because its just so pretty.
To the right of the kitchen counter is our front door...and to the right of that is the living room. That door straight ahead leads to our balcony.

Do you see the giant window? After living in a basement we're pretty wild about giant windows.
If you keep turning to the right you'd see this doorway to our bedroom.
This is the view of our bedroom from our bathroom door
And this is our bathroom and then the walk in closet off the bathroom:

Off the living room is another door to the baby's room (also office)

And then in the baby's room is this closet...which...frankly, will contain little to no baby stuff. Her clothes are little and can fit in the dresser. Instead it'll be my craft closet and maybe some other miscellaneous items. The baby also has her own spoiled of her. I guess she can share with guests too :)

And that's it. Our little 2 bed/2 bath apartment that doesn't feel so little to us. We constantly say to eachother "I love living here!" We miss our old neighbors & friends but we really love this place so much. It feels more permanent...and we hope it will be, we want to live here until we buy hopefully about 2 years from now.

6 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

WAY cute apartment! I need to make a trip up eventually and we can have a Gilmore Girls party again. :) I hope you're enjoying England; I totally love that place. I would love to live there because it's beautiful and amazing. Take loads of photos!

Tiff said...

Holy kitchen cabinets! Amazing. Beautiful apartment. I can't wait to see the after photos. And I love that you're giving yourself a crafty closet. You deserve one!

Beazer said...

Hope your traveling and trip are going well. Love the new place and can't wait to see the after! It looks like you've found the perfect place.

Ali said...

Your kitchen looks incredible! Love the tour...enjoy your new place!!

Teresa said...

I love it! So cute. Thanks for sharing!!

painty (Melinda) said...

Yay! It looks really nice.

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