Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nursery Art (continued)

I haven't been blogging much because, to be honest, we're focusing on unpacking and I'm not allowing myself to work on projects until the house is in order (good motivation to finish unpacking). We're getting close here, which is great.

But today I came across this blog post which, though instructions on how to do an appliqued pillow, seems to be the perfect tutorial to follow to make a framed fabric version of this poster I blogged about a few weeks ago. Do you love it? Do you want one for your house?

Anyway, looks like it should be a quick one afternoon project, and cheap! Do it!

As far as future blogging, I know I've been totally absent. I'm hoping to unpack by the end of next week and then the following week make some progress on the quiet books and blog a page or two that are sitting here partially finished before I leave on a work trip to England (I know, lucky me, ENGLAND!)

13 weeks until baby's arrival means it's getting to be crunch time with the craft/sewing projects....expect a deluge of posts in April & May and then I'll be rather absent this summer...learning how to care for a baby and trying to get some sleep...and if I do blog it's likely to be pictures of her over at the family blog. Though I will be on maternity leave for a some crafting is bound to occur. 

2 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

Ummm...Yes...I really LOVE that pillow! I think I'll be crafting a bit this summer. Too bad the list is getting longer and longer!

Sarah Flib said...

All I can say, Anna, is give yourself permission to relax! Don't stress about crafting and have so much fun in England. It's amazing!

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