Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She who dies with most fabric...wins

My mother has had piles of fabric sitting around for pretty much my whole life. And she's not even the worst among the fabric hoarders. As I've gotten into sewing I have begun to accumlate more fabric. Though usually I buy with a purpose I have some stacks of fabric that I just bought because they were a screaming good deal, they were free (hello, yes, cute free fabric), or they are leftovers from other projects.

I don't have pictures of all my piles of fabric. But I do have a few swatches I wanted to blog about.

These first three are for the baby's room.

The grey fabric is for the crib bumpers and possibly a quilt (her crib is white). I like it because its soft and babyish but gender neutral, which is good because I'm hoping to reuse it for the next baby too. The light blue & light green fabrics are for accents in the room. I also want to get a pale yellow swatch in some sort of graphic pattern to round it out..

I also plan on using all of these fabrics togther to make a wall hanging like this tree pillow I blogged about recently.

When I bought the nursery fabric I was sorely tempted to go for crazy bright girly pink...but I think the nursery should be calm. So I settled for using this graphic pattern with bright pink for making a car seat cover. We were gifted a great carseat, but its grey so it needs to be girlified. This says girly to me. :)

4 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

Yeah...Pretty much LOVE these fabric choices.

Meghan said...

I LOVE those fabrics! Where do you buy them??

Jessie said...

Yeah, I was telling Cory the other day that fabric stores and plant nurseries are my downfalls these days... Love them. I love the little pink you chose, too--so sweet and feminine. That'll be one cute nursery. :)

Teresa said...

OK... how do you get FREE material? That is awesome. I would love to see your fabric collection. I have one of my own starting to pile up now too :) It's so fun, isn't it?

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