Monday, April 12, 2010

A Cheater Post--i.e. reposting someone else's amazingness

Remember when I used to have time/energy/motivation to post...seems like it's been so long. I blame working full time and pregnancy--when their powers combine... I am kind of pathetic.

I have been up to a few things (like our front room was so so CLEAN when we woke up Sunday morning because Joe and I stayed up cleaning late--our dinner plans got cancelled when our guests got sick but I was grateful I didn't find out until after I cleaned). Oh the joy of a clean house.

Also Saturday we worked on painting the baby's dresser & our china hutch. Oh and I started and almost finished a cover for my mom's kindle. I'll post when it's finished. It's darn cute--and PINK!

Oh AND my husband's acapella group sang in front of about 20,000 people at the REAL Salt Lake MLS Soccer home game season opener. And we got free front row seats! Winner! Second best part of being at a live sporting event (the first being my hot husband is famous for 5 seconds!) was the fact that i got to eat as snocone and part of Joe's churro & hot chocolate. I loved that snocone! Anyway, I have a picture on the camera...will upload eventually to the family blog.

But since I'm not really posting on any of these exciting things I'll just link to a friend's post that I thought was super brilliant.

My friend Helena is super creative. And smart. And has mad skills. Her 3 year old son's friend had a birthday, she decided to make his gift and ended up making this photo/felt memory game. She's a genius! So crafty. Seriously Lena, you're a rockstar mom, crafter, and overall homemaker--and friend. (p.s. hope you don't mind I stole your photo...)

Don't you all want one? Me too. Guess I'll add it to the never-ending list of projects.

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