Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I'm grateful for clean water...

Through reading this blog you may think that I am mostly a crafting, cooking, organizing, design blog reading type of a woman. And while those are things that I dearly love to do (and blog about) I spend a huge portion of my week at work--and my work is not as a craft editor at Martha Stewart magazine (though how amazing would that be!).

No, I actually graduated in political science and I work on a research project studying foreign aid. Or more accurately I help gather data on foreign aid so other people can study it using our data. Our website went public about a month ago and we have a blog. I'd encourage you all to read it, but it may bore you to tears. But today I wrote a blog post for the work blog, if you want to read it you can find it here. Mostly I recommend you link through the NYT article I reference and become even more grateful that you have clean water. My article is mostly about data...which really is not of interest to most of you (except perhaps a few of my political sciency type friends)

I also write all this by way of excuse...this job combined with pregnancy is what I blame my lack of crafting & blogging upon... such is life.

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Teresa said...

I am totally with you on coveting the dream job of crafting, sewing, or cooking and getting paid to do it. I would love it!

Best of luck the next few weeks :)

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