Friday, May 21, 2010

Prepping for Baby...A few of my favorite things

I must admit that prepping for a baby is pretty fun. I wouldn't say I've gotten into full on nesting mode because between work and all the doctor appointments (for baby, dentist, dermatologist...and others) and just maintaining a social life with friends/family it's been a little too crazy.

But we've had a few baby showers, gotten some lovely hand me downs, and bought a few miscellaneous items. We may not be be 100% ready with her nursery, but we have necessities for when she arrives. Between gifts and purchases here are a few of my favorites we've gotten for the baby:

I'm in love with this little wooden teether Helena got's so cute I'm going to be sad to let the baby gnaw on it.

I also bought this rubber giraffe teether for her. I almost didn't because it has a *squeaker* and in theory I'm trying to avoid too many toys with annoying noises...but its just so cute. So I guess she has 2 giraffes now to "teethe" on...

I bought the PUJ bathtub...I love how thin it is, soft, and it can hang on the back of the bathroom door so I don't have to find a spot in our apartment to store it

My coworker Jess, knowing my obsession with cupcakes, bought me one of these---baby items rolled up as cupcakes. It came in the cutest little box too. So thoughtful. Definitely made me smile. And since it came in the mail I got to go pick up a package addressed to Everly from our apartment complex office. What a lucky baby.

My sister-in-law got me a few of these Dr. Brown's bottles, which are designed to help reduce colic. Sounds good to me.

And I needed a drying rack for the how could I resist this one from Target that looks like a field of grass:

We got so many cute clothes I can't even post pictures of them all...lets just say I will post pictures of her in her darling clothes. I'm almost glad she'll mess up her clothes and need more than one outfit a day so I can play dress up with her.

We got some other really amazing gifts---my sister in law knitted a sweater, my mom made this amazing blanket, in fact we got many blankets, at one shower everyone brought kids books which was awesome, we have some hair bows/headbands...we're feeling so spoiled by all our friends and family. I'll post more photos when I'm not so lazy and pull them off the camera card. 

So I may be really tired of being pregnant and really anxious for the baby to arrive. But in the meantime we're having fun preparing for her arrival with all these temporal needs...I'll be even more excited when her nursery is all put together. Stay tuned.

5 little remarks:

Tiff said...

Okay.. I wish I had known about that baby tub 2 years ago! We have this huge plastic thing that fits nowhere!

And.. that wheatgrass-like bottle dryer is ADORABLE. I think I might buy it now for the future babies. :)

Ali said...

You'll love that little giraffe. It's pricey, but I think worth it. And although it squeaks, even when Evan plays with it he doesn't make it squeak too often. He just softly naws on it and it's fine even in sacrament meeting! Yeah for baby showers! You got some great stuff.

Helena said...

Love the grass! And Bri lost Esme's sophie! Glad you got one, surprised, though, guess I should've gotten the more modern teether instead. Sorry.

Ariel said...

Isn't collecting for the first so much fun! I love the cupcake idea. I might have to steal it. Hang in there. I hope your next post is a birth announcement.

Kaela said...

Ooooh I want that tub!!! It's official I like... mmm maybe love your taste:)

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