Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's going on here...

Mostly I'm just sitting around being uncomfortable and grumpy that this baby seems determined to stay right where she's at until my due date (or beyond!).

We've had a few small baby showers, which was nice.

We've bought a few things, which was fun.

And I've been washing hand me down baby clothes organizing by size and smiling at just how darn cute baby girl clothes are.

I'm also still working and have a list of things at work to prep for my maternity leave.

But mostly I'm just sitting around tapping my foot wishing I had the power to decide when she would arrive. She's getting big and strong and her squirmyness is more uncomfortable. We just want her to come so we can meet her.

2 little remarks:

Stephanie said...

Mine is 6 months now, and it seems crazy because he's now outgrowing clothes that use to seem so big back when I was waiting for him to come.

Angie said...

This is when time seems to drag on and you feel like you'll be pregnant forever...but you won't. Keep yourself busy, rested and healthy and the time will come before you know it. Can't wait to meet/see her!

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