Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How nursing at 5am pays off...in more ways than one

To be honest, we have a lovely little newborn. She sleeps for about 3 hours stretches at night, is a good eater, and is cute too. So I can't complain that I need to get up and nurse her in the middle of the night, it's definitely worth it.

And on Friday night/Saturday morning it really paid off. I was up nursing her at 5am and browsing the local classifieds online for a jogging stroller when I spotted this one (this image/link is actually a newer model, but it looks the same).

It was listed for less than half of what one costs new...and I knew I wanted it, badly. For heavens sake it can work for one child, or two. The "doubler" is detachable, the seat fully reclines for really young infants, it's really high quality and will last for more than one child and this woman we bought it from had only used it twice, awesome.

Joe told me to email her since it was so early and then call in the morning. Which I did.

When she called back she told me that she'd had about 20 calls already but I was the only one to email her at 5am so I could have it (and others had offered more than the asking price). I was totally giddy. Now if only I could get the go ahead from my doctor to start speed walking and/or jog...but that's a few weeks off yet. For now short slow strolls will have to do.

And thanks to my Dad & stepmom who gave us $100 to put toward buying a stroller and made it even more affordable for us. We can't wait to take Everly on all her adventures in the stroller. :)

5 little remarks:

Helena said...


Tannie Datwyler said...

SCORE Anna! That is awesome.

Diane said...

Super Cool stroller! I love the Classifieds. By the way Everly is Adorable!

Derek and Jamie said...

We love, love, love our Phil & Teds! Good choice!

Ali said...

Nice work! It was always a toss up before I had Evan whether I wanted the Phil and Teds or the Bob:) Those are NICE NICE NICE. Congrats!

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