Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I Love: Baby Edition

Everly seems to slowly be getting better--less high maintenance. Lets all cross our fingers this continues so that I, her mother, can finally start having a more predictable routine and get more things done. And all this just in time as I return to work from maternity leave next week (just part-time, thankfully).

Over the past six weeks I've come to find several things to be indispensable (or at least that I love very very much). Here are just a few:

Boppy Pillow. Sure it's great for nursing. It's also just great for propping weary arms holding a baby who likes to be rocked to sleep as well. In fact we've made "boppy" a verb at our house. Joe will be holding little Everly and ask "Can you boppy me?" which roughly translates to "Can you take that pillow off the floor and put it under my arms so I don't have to disturb the baby?" Love. It.

Pampers Swaddlers disposable diapers. Our little Everly is so small she's still in the newborn size (amazing right?). Lots of people swear by Costco, but they don't carry the littlest sizes. Amazon generally seems like a great place to buy diapers (cheaper than Costco even). They have a system where if you put it on auto-delivery you save an additional 30% (called subscribe & save) and shipping is free. Prices vary based on size, but I recommend you check them out (I think the last ones I ordered were only about $0.16 a diaper...but I accidentally ordered Pampers New Baby rather than Swaddlers and swaddlers are better)

Also, how amazing is the wetness detector strip on disposables? Genius.

For those of you who've read my blog for a while you may be wondering..."What what about all those cloth diapers you sewed!!". My plan was always to allow myself a few weeks to adjust before I threw cloth diapering onto my workload (and with a super fussy baby I'm glad I did). I just started using them, but not exclusively (I'd need more diapers and/or a more consistent laundering routine). For example--the diapers are in the dryer waiting to be stuffed and reused and Everly is wearing a disposable. But anytime I do use them I save money and help the environment (plus they are CUTE). I'll try to do a full post on cloth diapering soon.

The short report: I like them, washing them isn't that bad (yet...she's still little and not eating solids), and they seem soft and cushy on her little bum.

Aquafor healing ointment. This stuff rocks for healing diaper rash, quickly. Thanks for the tip Ali ;)

Turns out the DVR has been a lifesaver with nursing. Everly nurses a LOT. And she's slow. So i spend HOURS of my day on the sofa nursing her. I'm saved from having to watch daytime talk shows constantly by having lots of good DVR-ed options. My favorites: The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, HGTV (favorite show is Sarah's House--I want that house from Season 2 with all my heart...covet covet if only I could find a million dollars lying around), Next Food Network Star, Royal Pains...etc... Can't wait til fall TV returns and brings back new episodes of Chuck, 30 Rock, and Glee. DVR you are a lifesaver for the nursing mother who must nurse at 3am when TV is pathetic.

Nuk binkies. These seem to be Everly's favorites. And I think they are so cute. She has these exact ones. They really do help soothe my little baby who struggles to soothe herself.
Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. I had heard from several friends that these were wonderful. Couldn't agree more. They are the best for swaddling since they ave some nice stretch to them. And so nice for the summertime since they are thin. I got them for Everly in green because when you have a girl baby it can quickly get to pink overload (we have tons of hand me down clothes and when I do her laundry it's largely a sea of pink & purple).

They also make these bibs that can be used as burp cloths. I know a lot of people swear by the old school cloth diapers for burp cloths but these have been my favorite.

Anyway...that's just a few things. I'm sure this little munchkin won't sleep much longer so I should wrap it up. We're doing well here at our house, getting into the swing of things, keeping this baby happy, finding time to sleep, and trying to enjoy this phase while looking forward to the later (and less fussy) older baby stages. 

Mostly she's just the cutest thing I've ever seen, even when she's bawling and her little lower lip is all pouty (sp?) and her forehead is all wrinkled and tears streaming down her face. We love her a lot. So on the Things I Love baby edition, little Everly is number one. :)

(Excuse the graininess on the photos...cell phone pics, need I say more)

7 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

She really is super cute.

emily said...

Anna, she is SO adorable! I'm IN LOVE with the skirt!

Ali said...

You are spot on -on all of these! Must haves for sure. I'm glad the aquaphor does wonders for you too...good to buy the tub of it too cause it's a chore squeazing it out of the bottle:)

Meghan said...

Thanks for this! I am so glad you posted about the diapers... I had never thought to buy them from Amazon! And, I'm going to check out those swaddle blankets too. They look nice. Question, they look like receiving blankets that you just swaddle your baby with, is that right? (versus a "swaddle" blanket that kinda swaddles for you... if that makes sense)

Everly is so cute!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing. This is soooo good to know :) Some day I'll need to quiz you on everything that was worth the money, and more importantly, what wasn't!

Lisa said...

Ethan was such a slow nurser as well. I watched all of the first 6 seasons of gilmore girls on dvd during the first few months. Then I moved on to the first 4 seasons of the west wing:-)

Lisa said...

Ethan was such a slow nurser too. I watched six seasons of gilmore girls and 4 seasons of the west wing:-)

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